Wow awesome experience made my day

I was getting my oil changed and as some of you know I have a tons of hippie music bumper stickers on my car. While I was waiting a full fledged hippie van pulls up with more bumper stickers than I have. And painted all different designs and whatnot. An old VW van. I go to pay and he says to me “is that your car?” I say yes. He tells me he has tons of vinyls and I’m welcome to come over any time. Turns out I live right by him. He gave me his number and wants to sell me some vinyls and stuff. He was like 65 years old lol but he was cool as hell. Was awesome lol. Made my day!


Wait till he gives you a roofie. Don’t talk to strangers dude…

wow! Things are really looking up for you. Now you’re making new friends. Cool. I’m a little envious lol

maybe meet him in a public space :confused:
When I sell my stuff, I always meet in a very busy parking spot.