Wouldn't mind someone to talk too

Lately I have made the choice to transition off of medication. Things are a little bumpy off medication, but I think it’ll be for the best. Lately I haven’t got a lot accomplished, I’ve just sleep and ate. I am currently bored and lonely, and wouldn’t mind someone to talk to. I find talking to others about internal problems helps bring them to light and helps me understand my thinking better. To cut to the point, if someone is willing to listen to some of the interal problems I am struggling with and reply to how you percieve them, it will help my rationalization and logic of these problems. Or something of the sorts … :yum::smile::grin::grimacing::worried::blush:

It’s not good to get off meds you can end up arrested

Hi same here i get lonely too i found this site again

Not arrested but homeless

What drives me at the moment is pleasure and success
I mean appreciation

meds aren’t for everyone man! I’ve been off meds for 2 years, it was for the best

I haven’t been arrested, nor am I homeless…

Everyones bodies are completely different

What works for you may not work for everyone else

Did you tried a crisis line. Coming of medication is like going through detox. You come out good at the other end. But when you don’t do changes in sex and drugs and rock nroll life you end up in hospital or in the gutter. Depending the country you are living in. Life is boring without money. I have to sit with myself for hours somtimes. Listen to the radio and the help of my girlfriend the cigarette i cope. I do writing drawing pacing in the apartment. Its suffering i know but eventually nature takes care of itself and you come out good on the other end. Be patience with yourself

You done a lot of work on yourself. You can be proud of yourself. I try to cut down. I take medication for about 25 years now. I just can’t cope without the pills. In the 80s were no Internet and less understanding of mental illness. But i don’t give up even when its difficult sometimes. I had to improve to verbally big time. I really didn’t like talking about psychothings in the beginning.

@cactustomato thank you for your concern, everyone reacts different to medication, I am making a knowledgeable choice to quit medication I think it’ll be for the best. My situation is quite complex and I find getting off medication a good decision. For some people the results of medication are good and others bad.

@dunno I find talking internal problems out can really help .

I hope you don’t go bad for me after five months off meds i go crazy

@cactustomato thanks I hope I do not either.

Without medication i turn into sort of religious crazy shaman. Socially not acceptable these days.Its really like dr jekyll and mr.hide. Even so i feel with medication like Frankenstein s monster.:blush::blush::innocent::blush::grin:

you can message me man. ive been off meds for a little too

Did you went through, like a phase of detox and delirium. And came out good on the other side. When i tried last year my partner send me away because i scared her. I went to hospital twice but they send me away because i didn’t behave abnormal . Sometimes i feel in sort of cushion with meds which makes me feel inadequate and powerless. I can’t be assertive and get my needs met. For example in the supermarket or phonecalls where money is involved. I think i get terrible ripped off because of the influence of the medication. I really don’t like to go in a home or being under supervision of my money affairs.

Like I said everyone’s SZ is different. It’s a very complex illness

Never give up man! I believe that we were all given this illness for a reason, a reason bigger than ourselves. Even though it’s hard you have to keep pushing.

You never know, we might’ve been given this illness for this very moment.

To be able to connect with other people who have SZ & help each other cope through hard times.

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Or probably both. Or even dead if you’re like me and everyone I know is a dip ■■■■ when it comes to mental illness.

dude, take your meds !! It’s not too late you still have your senses right now…start your meds before it’s too late. !!

I can’t speak for ChrisJJack

But personally, the only problems I have off of meds is; paranoia & bad anxiety.

With my situation I took Seroquel for about 6 months & it got rid of my delusions & paranoia while I was on it.

I think the paranoia & anxiety is just something I’m going to have to deal with.

Even though I have no delusions at the moment, I still keep a pill of Seroquel on me wherever I go. Just incase an episode comes about & I need it.