Would you...?

wink at Keyfood cashier?

  • no
  • yes

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What is a Keyfood?

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No I wouldn’t wink at a cashier


(Tenor GIF Keyboard)


what if cashier winked at me…? :0

finally, someone voted “yes!”

new thread: "how would you feel if cashier winked at you?"
but nah. replies will be predictable:

creeped out

Depends on what they look like, the context of the situation, what kind of mood I was in, what gender are they?

I also don’t know what Keyfood is, gonna have to search that.

It’s and east coast thing, now I know you live on the east coast…


I wouldn’t wink. I hate eye contact.

oh no! narrowing me down!

I would hunt down the cashier, by her name tag on the internet and hang outside her bedroom window with flowers late at night.

Women like that sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I did just the other day, and the manager gave me my intended purchase for free…($17. and some change), I was just being silly, it was kinda fun.

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No probably not. I’d just smile


Oh HELL yes.

I’m all about the service.



I don’t think I’ve ever winked at anyone…

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Because of my meds I would feel nothing :sob: … I… would… feel… nothing :sob:


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Depends on my mood that day, it’s about a 50/50 but I’m feeling pretty strongly right now so I’m gonna say a HARD YES.