Would you wish sz on your worst enemy?

Would you wish schizophrenia/schizoaffective on your worst enemy?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t have enemies
  • Dolphins

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This made me laugh out loud. You know what, I hate some people who have caused me a lot of harm but I don’t wish mental illness to anyone.


I don’t think many of the normal folk I know would have survived this illness. I barely did, but in some ways life had prepared me for it.

I’d rather just avoid anyone who is wasting time being an enemy.

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My worst enemy is me. So I wouldn’t wish it on myself.


Ah tricksy. I think my illness is my owrst enemy. That’s the only thing I would wish mental illness on, my mental illness. Alright voices, you have voices now. Might actually cause them to shut up.


I loled :smile:

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Yes I wish the illness which makes me think of imaginary people on the imaginary people.

Makes perfect sense. Like the holes in doughnuts. Where did the middle go?! WTF


No I wouldn’t, I would wish him much worse.


Whenever I really hate someone I wish all the misery I’ve experienced in my life on them. Most of them probably have experienced that much misery, so I guess I can sympathize with a lot of people.

Much worse

Why only wish it on them when you can make it a reality?

Go find the ones who can do that. Those old stories were true, like the nebuchenezzar story, you can really ■■■■ up a person’s mind and in several ways.

No one will ever know either, no one. They’ll all just think they are sick or retarded.

If someone tried to “put me in my place” or overrule or persecute me in person, then yeah - I sort of wish I had the ability to wish SZ upon them, at least SZ states that I know they can’t handle.

sorry but as much as i like dolphins i have to say no bc idk if you heard the phrase ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ well that phrase freaks me out a bit but i still would not wish it on anyone, not even the devil himself :frowning:

and just for the record haha i really like dolphins (probably more than cheese but nm) haha

I wish my enemies would stop doing the bad things that made them my enemies.


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