Would you sacrifice yourself to help the world?

Would you sacrifice 20 years of your life suffering mental and physical persecution if it would help the world find cures and treatments for numerous diseases and disorders both physical and mental? You get to live in health and joy when it’s over.

  • Yes, no problem. Done!
  • Yes, but only 10 years or less
  • No, not a chance, they can figure stuff out the old-fashioned way

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I mean… I already have Schizophrenia so I know what it feels like anyway. But I’m not sure. This is a tough one.

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That’s basically what I’ve already resigned myself to so sure. At least this way I’ve a guarantee the suffering will end.


I would do it too. Would be tough to sign up for and get going but at least you know there is an end and you get to live in joy and health. Too bad our suffering is in vain.

I am a veteran of research a old lab rat , been there done that… life take more then it gives, good luck on a cure…