Would you rather?

Connect to:

  • The greater human soul
  • The contemporary soul (more viable/ less empathetic)

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Would you rather suffer and know what it is to be human, or be sedated and indulged and enjoy yourself?

(I’d say there is something greater in understanding the diversity that is human experience… it shows you what you have not seen… imagination is what separates sentience from nature)

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Remember the story of Buddha?

The Buddha, or “enlightened one,” was born Siddhartha (which means “he who achieves his aim”) His father was king who ruled the tribe, known to be economically poor and on the outskirts geographically.

His mother died seven days after giving birth to him, but a holy man prophesized great things for the young Siddhartha: He would either be a great king or military leader or he would be a great spiritual leader.

To keep his son from witnessing the miseries and suffering of the world, Siddhartha’s father raised him in opulence in a palace built just for the boy and sheltered him from knowledge of religion and human hardship. According to custom, he married at the age of 16, but his life of total seclusion continued for another 13 years.

Beyond the Palace Walls
The prince reached his late 20s with little experience of the world outside the walls of his opulent palaces, but one day he ventured out beyond the palace walls and was quickly confronted with the realities of human frailty: He saw a very old man, and Siddhartha’s charioteer explained that all people grow old.

Questions about all he had not experienced led him to take more journeys of exploration, and on these subsequent trips he encountered a diseased man, a decaying corpse and an ascetic. The charioteer explained that the ascetic had renounced the world to seek release from the human fear of death and suffering.

Siddhartha was overcome by these sights, and the next day, at age 29, he left his kingdom, wife and son to lead an ascetic life, and determine a way to relieve the universal suffering that he now understood to be one of the defining traits of humanity.

some people actually don’t have a choice how they get to live…


But we sz are different already the outliers… we have chance (just though social progams) to be a testing ground of psychological constructs…

What do you mean by ‘connect’?

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I can dig that… and I’m glad I’ve been able to learn what I learn and know what I know…

But my Sz wasn’t by choice either.

If I didn’t ever get this head circus… there would be no way I could understand this sort of suffering.

I don’t expect people to choose suffering.


empathize, relate… base yourself upon… to know… to be a part of

We really are shamans man… those who hear with their minds… not by population but by timeframe… not until recently was this even known as a disease… now that it is… i think the stigma might be higher than it ever was…

I’m connected to Netflix right now. I’m content.



I’ve had a hard time getting back on track after heading down the “shaman” path. Shamans… Zen Masters… it’s not healthy for me to get into that again.

It carries a heavy delusion toll. I’m not a shaman… I’m just a guy with a cross wired brain.

I might have a little more empathy… but I don’t have healing visions… I can’t see the future… I don’t have a direct line to the energy of the universe…

It took me a long time to get back into this reality after years of that sort of thinking.

It still comes back to me when I’m not working on staying grounded.

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Yup. And I’m not an exceptional individual with genetic quirks that make me immune to alien nanite programming and have given me insight into the upcoming invasion and colonization of Earth. I’ve got a brain that’s FUBAR and needs meds. Nothing more.



i think i have suffered enough…thanks for the offer though !?! :blush:
take care :alien:


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