Would you rather not exist or would you rather exist with sz

I would rather exist with sz, than not exist at all.


Yeah, me too…

Me too.


i’m ok with myself with sz… i accepted it

I think its impossible not to exist in the multiverse. Once the rabbit is out of the hat…


I got tired of just existing (surviving). Now I’m living, and I recommend it.


I am happy with schizophrenia right now. A couple times about 4 months ago I was feeling like I was not in control of myself and getting violent urges and not able to stop talking to myself and that really scared me though.

I’m ok with both living and with not living. But I know there’s no such thing as not living really. We go on. I will not do anything to hasten my demise however.

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Plenty of other folks deal with things I don’t have to. I’m happy about that.

I’m with @MrSquirrel that living and engaging with things like jobs or people is the way forwards. There is a difference to passive living or more aggressive living. Sure I fall in a heap or fail a lot but it’s never stopped me from living.

I don’t complain about my sz and besides not working and having a family or career I’m totally happy with my lot!

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that is basically like asking, “do you want to not exist” considering we all have sz lol

I don’t want to exist in any shape or form.

I’ve vanished out my country without a trace… hoping to exist again there

In all honesty, it depends on my mood. I have Major Depression as well as Sz. When my mood is under control, I want to live, and to live a long life. When my mood is bad, I often just want to die so I don’t have to suffer anymore.

Wouldn’t the sentiment behind this question be a form of internalised eugenics? In other words, the privatisation of the following question: “would you rather have people existing with sz than not at all?” Good thing is not really up to us.

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I don’t regret my life. I don’t think it is our fault we are sz or sza. I say, let’s make the best out of our situation. Live life to the fullest each day, and learn from your mistakes. Sz/sza is a learning process. Learn to deal with symptoms, take one’s medications, and survive with crap that no one else has to deal with. I am a student for life! So, I feel blessed with my experiences. Who the heck wants to be homeless and sleep on a bench? I did for awhile. I have not forgotten this and am trying my best not to repeat it. Some people don’t understand the nature of the illness and don’t care to understand. We have each other here. Bless y’all!!


What I meant was, would you rather never been born…or would you rather have a life with sz.

I would rather have life with sz/sza. Life is a blessing. I am doing ok now. My experiences have been shaped by my illness. I was out of control many times. I have been discriminated based on my illness since some people think it is their right to abuse those who are weaker or ill. I am a better person because of these experiences. I could have become malcontent and ragingly mad against society because of those who treated me badly. But, I accept my illness as a “thorn in my side.” I see life in a positive manner still. I never give up believing in a better tomorrow. Life is good, may be not grand, but ok. I know I am blessed when I think of others who have suffer more than I do. I could feel sorry for myself too. Some of these people who triumphed over their suffering are my inspiration. They are my brothers and sisters in suffering. I think of them when I feel sorry about my illness. I sometimes wonder if life could be better? Or, life is the best it is with what I have. I think the latter is true for me. Thus, I am blessed with life for having sz/sza.

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I’ve had moments when sz-related suffering got so intense that I really wished I could just disappear into thin air. But I’ve nevet truly contemplated suicide. I guess I still want to take a shot at life, come what may.

why whats it like without it?

There have certainly been times in my past where I would have rather been dead than have sza. But those days are not now. I was more bipolar back in those days too. Today, I am, more or less, more on the sz side, if at all.