Would you rather have a terminal illness or sz?

would you rather have a terminal illness for example cancer……and die early before you turn 18…… or would you rather have sz and live until you are 60. For me I would rather have a terminal illness and die before I turn 18 than having sz.

I am having a difficult time with my temper over this question. I have a friend who is very ill with cancer. He has actually said he’d rather have my SZ because it literally is a problem he can live with. I don’t know how many months he has left. Not a lot.

You are blessed if you have SZ and not cancer. I am sorry for you if you lack the capacity to realize it.


I am just trying to figure out how much suffering there is with sz. I feel this way because of my beliefs.

I would rather have sz i still enjoy life even if it was more enjoyable pre sz


Pro tip: There’s a lot less if you talk about something else for a change.

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Sorry I made a misunderstanding.