Would you rather cancer or a heart - attack?

this thread is in relation to sz or bi-polar

i think neither but if i really had to pick one i think i’d pick a heart attack.

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Lol both equally suck so neither.

It is hard to say, my naive self wants to say cancer as I like the idea of having time before I know I am going to die.

but really, it depends on how harsh the cancer is treating me. I have no idea what it is truly like to have cancer. and i guess it comes in many different forms so it depends

I would pick the heart attack cancer is really bad.

Heart attack, in a heartbeat, pun intended.

Cancer is slower, more painful in the long term, I’ve seen both first hand.

My preference is being struck by lightning.


I’ve had both. Didn’t care for either, but I will say that the SZ community is a lot less pretentious and obnoxious than the cancer survivor community.


Tough choice.

Long and painful or short and sweet

Really depends on whether you die from it or not

If so, heart attack

If I ever have a terminal illness I won’t get treatment. I want to go pretty quickly. No reason to draw it out.

I’d choose a heart attack.


I have already decided I will refuse treatment.

Problem is I bet if some bright spark doctor thinks it can be cured, I will get overruled as usual on the matter due to SZ

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It’s a sad set of circumstances to be mentally ill.

This is why I don’t want to be diagnosed.

I’m with @fractaled no reason to draw it out, heart attack


Sorry Cancer. The thought of me clutching my chest, gasping for air and keeling over scares me. In a dark way, at least with cancer you get the drugs so you dont care if your terminal.


I’ve had a couple heart attacks, not fun, but they have been more survivable than cancer for many of my friends who didn’t make it.


Cancer is probably the worst.

I’ve had seizures which gave me pretty bad aftereffects for a while. That sucked. Heart attack/stroke can really mess you up, and trying to fix your neurological system after that also sucks.

Cancer is so drawn out and prolonged. You can suffer from cancer for years. I guess the same is true of heart trouble, but I still prefer that.

Definitely not cancer! I will probably die like John Entwistle from The Who, having sex. Just kidding! That would shock the hell out of everyone who knew me.

Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with these types of questions asking which health condition or disease is worse? :confused:


Heart attack in my sleep for me please.

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My dads had cancer twice he’s fine it wasn’t that serious for him. Skin and prostate . I smoke I’m deathly afraid of mouth throat and lung cancer or brain cancer. Or stomach cancer or colon cancer. I’d rather have a heart attack as long as I wasn’t driving while having it. I have had seizures though! Seizures are scary for people to watch and I’ve never seen one although I had grand mal seizure disorder as a kid. Any type of serious illness isn’t fun I think