Would you rather be mentally challenged? (Mentally retarded)

Would you choose being mentally retarded over being mentally ill?

For some people, it is not an either/or. Many folks have both, that is.



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No, I wouldn’t. My life isn’t easy but I don’t know if I could have done what I’ve done if I was mentally retarded. It seems more of a disability than schizophrenia though the mental functioning of a mentally retarded person and a schizophrenic probably overlaps. How about you?

No it’s pretty tough cuz I’m always kind of screwed up because I don’t take meds… Ya know I was thinking that if I wasn’t aware of my disability it might not be that bad.

I remember the “special” kids in school and some were pretty “normal”.

That’s deep man.

ive thought about that too,

id also rather have my legs and arms.

I think if I had to choose I would balance both out,Being totally mentally ill is agonizing as I had experienced it before.Being totally retarded although I had not experience before but I would not like to experience it because I know it would be very disabling,like you had not lived…

@Mortimermouse what makes you want to ask this haha?

I take offense to the word “retarted” - it is a stigmatizing offensive label.
As a psychology major, you should know better, @mortimermouse


Yeah hell no. Retarded is a pretty outdated and harsh term. Shame shame mouse.

Who is to say I’m not both?

I would choose being mentally ill.

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You seem smart even sharp.

No. I raised a daughter with MR and autism both and I see her struggle compared to mine. Absolutely no.

I rather be what society calls “schizo” than retarded.

So you know - The new accepted term that officially replaces the old stigmatizing label, is called Intellectual Disability

Just seen your post @Wave so edited mine.

Its ok @firemonkey I dont mind :smiley: - thanks

Confused how someone training to be tdoc would use such a derogatory word. Same goes for a schizophrenic using the derogatory term of “schizo” ???

I would say it’s fairly likely that some here would have a

In the UK the term ‘learning difficulty’ is used .

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Are you kiddn me? At least you have a chance , a good chance with mi