Would you rather be married or have a very good job?

I would prefer to be married than to have a very good job……a very good job. For example if you love your job and you make at least 1 million a year. If I didn’t have sz. If I had sz it is the same thing. I prefer to be married because it is a close relationship. And it gives you something to do with hanging out with your spouse. And you get to be intimate with your spouse.


mos def prefer being married. I know some still in my field that hate their lives because of their high paying jobs. true.


Oh these are hard questions.

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Nah, these are easy questions lol lol

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I started answering, first thought job, then marriage, then confused.
then my head hurt. Had to stop.


I enjoy having the best of both worlds.


Would you rather have sz or live in Hawaii lol lol

I used to be married to a man with access to lots of money. He was a jerk. I left him.

I’m now happily married to a very poor, disabled man.


Marriage is not all the nice stuff , there are chaos and storms inside it usually :smiling_imp:


Nothing is all nice stuff. Welcome to life.


I want to get married too one day. for now though I want a really good job… maybe I can have both…


There are also chaos and storms in jobs.

Next. Lol


I prefer being married. I have worked a job in my past too, before I became ill with sz. But I’d honestly rather be married. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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prob neither but if i was forced to chose i guess id marry an asexual woman who isnt needy and likes to do their own thing haha so basically id chose a close friendship with someone who doesnt bother me too much


Thank you for bringing me to life I didn’t know I’m living

Both would be ideal but I have a good job and I like it

Having a partner would really help, but I am socially crippled

Do not have any connections outside immediate family these days

I have no friends here just some nice people online which I am content with


I want neither. :thinking:

I might want the kind of marriage @irrelevant talks about. A companionship with someone who doesn’t want me all that close.


I want to have a stable job first so I’m not financially dependent on my partner when we married

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I would honestly say I think the world needs better examples of good marriages.

I’ve been for the longest so against relationships, but it’s getting harder to say that is a bad thing.

As far as a job, I don’t really fit into much yet unfortunately. Although I’ve still managed to get a life going for myself with this measly disability.


Neither I wouldn’t want to be married or have a job.

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