Would you rather #5

Would you rather leave your current life and get 1 million dollars but never get to go back or stay as you are?

  • Leave for 1 million dollars
  • Stay as you are

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Depends on what my next life will be.


I personally couldn’t leave my family. I think I would be miserable and lonely on my own.


Do you get to keep contact with loved ones?

Call them, visit with them?

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I would say no 1515

I am a creature of habit, I love my family, my home, my dog ! Some things money can’t replace


I’m going to leave my life at some point anyway so I’m storing a different kind of riches upstairs with the angels :slight_smile: there aint no money for me lol

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Absolutely not. I’m good where I’m at. I would never leave my kids either.

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Honestly Im sitting pretty right now all things considered

Not walking away from the table while the cards are still hot. Maybe Ill get a mill later on on my own who knows but Id for sure miss friends and family

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I love my GF and cat too much. I’m very happy right where I am.


Then no I wouldn’t.

I would say no to one million dollars if I had to give up all contact with my former stepmother,horse , dog n family.

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