Would you not like to turn back the time sometimes

I would, I would like to go back to 1989 when I was still 21, soon I’ll be 50, have not had a woman in the past 17 years … sometimes I would like to go back where I once was … just venting here … I suppose I have been too long alone …

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Here’s another song that deals with that very topic!


Well, my adventure in America in the 1990s was a different story, there were some benefits too … it was just a different life there …

I would only go back if I had the knowledge I have now, to just go back and do it all over, no thanks

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i would like to ,even not with what i know already.


Not for a second. There’s not a single moment I would return to. Not because they were all bad. I considered for a moment when my son was little and my mom was alive and my dad was so smart and capable, and then I remembered that I’d have to lose all of them again, in one way or another… nope.

“Would you not like to turn back the time sometimes”

you mean back in time when I made mistakes and hurt myself much. nah, bro