Would you mind it or not?

I live near a big park and go for a walk there everyday. Each time when I went to this park I found there were some people practicing their music instruments. The effects of someone playing music instruments in the park can be different for different people. If you mind it you will think it is noisy. But if you don’t mind it you will find it is hilarious and alive.

I don’t mind it and would love to see people playing music instruments in the parks. What’s your opinion? Would you mind it or not?


In my neighbourhood,there is passage where students of music used to play flute,guitar…
I dont recall if they played for money,but in a way that you told,well,Adele started playing with friends in park.
Wouldnt mind it…


It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

These places are for recreation.

I don’t go to parks anyway

We have the seafront here where I walk the dog with my parents sometimes though, but no musical instruments!

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I love seeing people enjoying themselves in parks whether it’s playing an instrument, frisbee, or doing martial arts practice.


It’s a park and more power to you for using it. Most of the people at our cricket park…it’s an oval but it’s council lease and it’s all about dogs and exercising. There is this one dude who comes down and plays guitar to his dog…It’s been a while since I’ve seen him and I never investigated how good he was but I saw him.


I used to busk on our downtown mall for like 10 years and everyone seemed to love it. I never had anyone tell me to shut up or stop…lol


I wouldn’t mind it. In fact I would love it. Especially if they had any musical talent.

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