"Would you like to come over my house?"

I had a friend in grade school. We were the only skaters in our school. We both had buzzcut hairdos and wore supper baggy pants, and skateboard attire.

He told me a story that one day he was using the restroom and some random dude showed his head in the bottom of his stall and calmly asked:
“Would you like to come over my house?”

It became an inside joke between us of who could say the aforementioned sentence the creepiest way.

I have a weird sense of humor.


Lol…that is random and creepy…lol…like my avatar…


Hey, I try. :wink:

inside jokes are such good fun :smiley:

I have one with a friend of mine, saying in a surprised voice “but… that looks like Mexican food!”

I don’t even recall why this is funny but it is to us.

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said the spider to the fly…


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