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would you like to be on TV
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  • 2 no
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  • 4 Been there done that.

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Back when I was unmedicated, I thought I was being broadcast on TV or possibly the internet. I definitely don’t like being on TV.

Been on TV on several occasions, wasn’t a fan of it.

Being on TV means one of two things:

  1. You are attractive and talented.
  2. You have committed a heinous act.
    Looking good only lasts you about 15 years if your lucky. Being infamous makes people remember you bringing shame on you and your family. Screw being on TV.
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Was on a bbc documentary 7 years ago, whilst i was with probation services. Never again. Got the absolute piss ripped outta me in the old town.

I wouldnt go infront of a camera if they paid me.

I am paranoid already as it is. I don’t need more attention.