Would you lie to get benefits?

if i lost my benefits money i think i would be extremely stressed and i would feel an enormous pressure to make money and i couldnt take the pressure,

but they dont take that into account if i got an assessment,

i would literally go from being at a very high functioning state to someone who couldnt even tie his shoe laces,

no more church, no more groups, no more of anything really just stress and anxiety and pressure,

so is it wrong of me to lie in order to get my benefits?

pls i am looking for honest answers here and i know it is hard to choose because i literally hate lying and only ever do it if it is for a good reason.

i just dont know if that is a good enough reason.

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I lie. But it’s because I want to work. If I told my pdoc everything that’s going on I’d be on sick leave again. I hate it. No routines. Nothing to do. Getting depressed.

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What does your doctor say about stress and its effect on your illness? You could give that assessment to them maybe?

sorry, i guess this does not apply to you then,

i havent been able to work for many years now, too much pressure, too much stress

i am only able to function in what i percieve as safe zones or stressless enviroments,

places that i dont feel any pressure and i am able to be myself,

i still need meds though, they are essential

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well idk, i really worry about this because my p/doc has just changed and i have no appointment for the other one yet and i dont even know if he would help me or how far he would go to help me :frowning: i believe that they must help me by law but idk for sure,

all i know is that if i dont get the help that i need to help me stay on these benefits then they will be cut and i will be up ■■■■ creek without a paddle :frowning:

Yes multiplied by fifteen.

I would contact the pdoc and get support. Mine has helped me in this area. I am stable too in similar situation and my pdoc told me I still qualify because stress makes my symptoms worse.

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What exactly do you need to lie about? I think most people in our situation normally have to appeal and go to a tribunral. Which benefit are you applying for?

i couldnt take a tribunal tbh the stress would kill me and i would get very paranoid and it would just blow my head apart tbh

I just got PIP benefit and luckily didn’t have to see ATOS. I need to reapply for ESA this October. I’ve only been out of hospital for a year so things will be alot easier for me at the moment as far as benefit claims go.

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i was told by my in laws to lie during my assessment last year. i didn’t though i felt bad enough telling the truth during the written part,

no…i don’t lie about anything.
take care :alien:


Absolutely NOT!!! GET A JOB!!!

One of the reasons that this world is screwed now is because of abuse of power,resources, and self.

I work 5 days a week and I use to like it but it seems to be getting worse …do you know what I do?..I SOLDIER ON!!!NO MATTER HOW MUCH I AM STARTING TO HATE IT.

I have voices and visions telling me to hurt people YET I ignore them and still work.


most people are not that lucky, most people cannot just ‘soldier on’ (no offense)

if it was so easy for me to get a job do you not think i would have done it by now,

i am trying a few things that i think might work out but i would hardly call it work, like hiring out my bike online and boarding or dog walking, very low energy stuff.

i will be doing college soon as well and i dont even know if i will ever get a job even if i get the certificate :frowning: i have had a bad experience at school and going into work that it has left my nerves shattered about it,

pls tell me if i am out of line but i really do try my best, tell me if i am wrong,

if there is any Jobs out there that you believe is easy enough that anyone can do it stress free then let me know, i thought online from home but idk where to start.

if i thought i could work then i wouldn’t need to claim benefits, i am not just a lazy benefits scrounger, i am not just a drain on the system.

thats why i think i might need to lie because the government think that i am those things but they are wrong, i need financial security to keep me on a level, the government want to deny me that even if i am at my sickest and its not very nice,

Don’t you see that the world is structured so we are constantly tried.

I am sorry for sounding like a jerk (it’s part of who i am).

If you don’t believe in …something ELSE besides this world and how it can benefit you then you will be forever searching and blaming …so in a cycle of failure.

If you can’t believe in a power above you then believe in yourself and succeed for yourself. …screw the world and whats expected of you to fit into it.

This world is on it’s way out anyways.

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I wouldn’t lie…but that don’t mean you have to tell the exact truth in great detail either.


the only thing that i can actually manage with this ‘what is a serious mind ■■■■ disease’ is to remain stable enough to stay out of hospital and maybe become an integrated member of society,

i can only tolerate so much, i have been working on this for over 5 years and i am still not ready for work and thats me on a good med,

you say you work but you have symptoms, great that you can still work and manage but you are in the minority, very few people can do that, you probably need medication

but for most of us… it is the hardest thing we could ever do apart from finding someone and starting a family, even talking to someone can be difficult, how can we work when we have all of this ■■■■ going on up there?

Im not saying that we are capable of it but the way the world is going we will eventually HAVE to acclimate to it.

Would you rather have the choice or be forced into it when you are destitute and have no resources available to you?

If you have resources available to you now then exploit them man …don’t wait until you are forced because then it might be too late

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’ve always believed that resorting to untruths for financial benefit is a bad thing. It could be that you have advanced enough in your recovery that going off benefits, or down to partial benefits, is the next stage of said recovery. Any change is an opportunity.


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The lawyers tell me not to lie, but they also say I can shade the answers in my favor to make my case better.