Would you have declined?

If given a choice as to whether or not you were born?

Would you accept or decline?

Be born or not?

If you had a choice.

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I choose life…

You never had a choice

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i would decline i want to be born some other place…

According to some we plan our lives & challenges before we are born -

An example of a couple of books on it here -

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This question lowered a few of my iq points

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I wish I’d done a few things in my life differently. I sometimes fantasize about living my life over with the things that I have learned.

Right now, I’d choose to have been born.

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I think it was just a matter of chance and that I just got lucky that I am here and get to experience life regardless of my deformities. But I have thought that when thinking about the abortion issues that if my own mother did not want me then I probably wouldn’t want to be here either. but that’s debatable as well. We are all part of the same life only we are different because of the many differing elements involved in forming us as the seemingly unique souls that we appear to be including the level of awareness we attain. Like having schizophrenia or some other abnormality that makes it more difficult to be more a part of the crowd rather then something so unique that we would rather be left alone and off by ourselves most of the time. I just wasn’t that lucky, but then I can handle it like I handle loosing money playing the lottery. lol. I think that even our gender is just by chance and that is evident from the fact that men have nipples. Gender is probably the most powerful difference that we first notice about others. Then I think it is our unique faces, personalities and so on, and the differences become much more complex as we grow. I think that the other part (better half) of my uniqueness is a woman who likes to wear the pants most of the time just to balance things out.

Somewhere in all the books of reincarnation I’ve read… it does say that we choose to be born and to whom.

So by the fact that I’m here… I guess I did choose it.

I do believe in reincarnation so I think I will choose to be born again after this life.

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You’ll have some ‘time’ in the between life/spirit world before your next life.

lol, it just erased 10 terrabytes of wasted space on my biological harddrive.


holy ■■■■, I hope I’m going to hell cos that shits frightening

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why? 15 15 15 15

god…dammit now i have to watch the matrix :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think you can answer that question in a sensible way because when you are not incarnated you don’t have a brain and you probably think in a very different way. You may not be able to conceive of the reasons you might have in that state…