Would you go on national television about your illness?

Would you? Do you think it’s a bad idea

I’m just not that brave…

There are a lot of “if’s” in that situation.

Is it a mental health show?
Is the interviewer someone who understands mental illness?
I’d have to have a lot of answers if I tried it.


I would. I may have already done something similar, actually. I think that seeing a day in my life shows that we can be strong in the face of such hardship. Literally strong, lifting multiple times our weight, mentally strong, writing papers and doing research, and emotionally strong, having friends and enjoying life despite this illness.

I often think about everyone I have met in here when I go workout or when my work in academia is on the line. I am strong for us as a group and I do what I am capable of because I have the will to do so. I do what I do because I can and because people always say that it’s impossible. If it’s not for me, there is contrary evidence to common views.

I am proud of what I do and how far I have come. Even if I fall, I will never forget how far I rose from the bottom.

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No one in my life really takes it seriously or understands it or listens to me about it, so why would people watching TV that I don’t even know?

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Maybe. Depends… J said it.

no way. I’m a coward and I’m ashamed of my life.

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take care :alien:

Yeah I’d love to but dont think anyone wants to see me on tv

Well I got offered a chance. But it’s about alternative medicine so not sure

I’d do it fo sho… Might need to start with some small appearances to gauge my nerves…

I’m not sure stripping myself off these is a good idea even if it is a big production company

I would go on a talent show and show off my mind-reading skills.


I do get kinda sick of how illnesses like bipolar disorder get a million magazine articles and the likes every day about how they’re OK to have and stuff but the media is still writing in the very first sentence of a story about a murderer about whether he’s a schizophrenic or not and that’s the most publicity my mental illness really gets. I’m not even making that up, I saw a news story one time about a guy who killed someone and the very first sentence said something like “[name] suffered from schizophrenia” like OK? What does that have to do with anything?

EDIT: On second thought I think they said he was diagnosed with it, and not suffered from it, because you know the media thinks we’re all a bunch of heartless monsters.