Would you go for brain implant to cure SZ?

Hi, I read that in 10-20 years brain implants will be fully available and most likely will be able to cure most psychiatric diseases that starts from autism, IQ retardation to SZ and Alzhaimer’s. Scientist and engineers are working towards small implant in a brain, in fact there are experiments with rats: rats have direct USB port inserted in their skull that lets scientist to view brain activity and collect data. So would you go for it? I’d definitely would as it would mean no more AP medication.


I really doubt brain transplants will be available in ten to twenty years.

I don’t know what your source is.

But even if it were presented as a cure for schizophrenia,

I wouldn’t consider it.

I don’t want to be a different person,

Just help with symptoms.


We talked about some sort of helmet wich alters the brainwaves to cure sz in the future. Maybe with powerful computers we can decode the brain into words/pictures and change the sick brain into a healthy one.

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I think I wouldn’t… I even don’t trust the ect, which they offer me cause I always looks hellishly depressed… No way… I am not sure the world goes to the right direction… sorry if I sound a bit angry today, I was just in pain the whole day… But yeah, maybe we should seek another more human solutions lol… But regarding how I took obediently all their meds, if this was the only future for sz, maybe I would have tried even this if I was sick in the future, idk…

No I wouldn’t do it

A cure is a cure. I’ve seen some basic implants already out there. It’s a niche market but there’s people who are doing this now. Not for the brain though. I tend to think that it’ll take a long whiles to understand the brain. Complex system that it is.

I’d consider it if it’s the only alternative to APs.

I really doubt that. Our brain is a complex entity

Where did you read its effective for SZ?
My university gives me free access to PubMed medical database.
I read many research journals and they all say it doesn’t do anything to SZ. It might work only for Parkinson according to research.
Also, its dangerous and you need to change the battery every time. I am not doing a brain surgery every month, its risky. I read stories about infections and DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation).

I know a guy who did a brain surgery for stroke and he became blind because doctors did accidently damage vision nerves.

Meds are best for treating SZ.

Implant? No.
Transplant. Yes.


This is just ridiculous. Brain implants won’t fix your biochemistry and won’t provide you with necesarry supplements to produce proper neurotransmitter levels because it is not only related to brain but with whole body instead. You are being trolled.

Absolutely not! I already worry now and then that i do have an implant somewhere…i don’t need that fear becoming reality. Even if it were a possible cure. I would rather manage things myself.

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No. Of course not. I already find AP intrusive, because it changes me. Scientists implanting something in my brain to watch it and use that to control my thoughts/feelings seems like the scariest idea ever. Like the advanced version of Orwell/1984.

I question the timing (it will take a lot longer than that) but what I’ve read about our diseases that is what it would literally take once the onset of the disorder has occurred. So yeah I would.

Well, if it comes with a free mug and a keychain to the first ten people in line then I’ll be the first to sign up.
If I even live that friggin long.

You want fries with that ?

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I remember in Germany i had cassette tapes like meditation/relaxation. It tells stories about trees,clouds and the ocean. You walk through it and make associations with real life circumstances. It was helpful. Thinking something different. It is like watching a movie in the theater and talk about it with a proffesional.

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