Would you drink it?

I dug out some old instant coffee that expired 2 years ago.

There seems to be some kind of spores or something in it. But I figured the scolding hot water would kill it, so I drank it anways…

I wouldnt drink it if it has spores. I used an expired Nescafe no issues but it was sealed when I found it.


I hate it when we’re outta brewed coffee. that instant hurts my belly.

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I wouldn’t.

Instant is disgusting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spores can release toxic compounds as they grow. Sometimes these can withstand boiling water


Spores? Seriously? Do not consume food or beverages that have spores (or, really, anything at all) growing on them.


I’m with @Treebeard . If it has spores you shouldn’t drink it. You could possibly get really sick


I think expiry dates in many cases are to keep the company from being sued if someone gets sick. I’ve eaten lots of expired sh*t and been fine. although sometimes it has tasted off.

I took lorazepam that was over 3 years old. I was fine and it worked as intended.

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There’s always the odd chance that something unexplainable will cure my psychosis, and I believe in this instance it has.

I felt like a total normie after drinking the spore coffee. I went outside and suddenly Gillian Anderson from x-files stepped up to me and said she wanted to be my girlfriend although she knew she wasn’t worthy she said. I had to think about it for a while because there was a whole line of girls. I could see Lady Gaga, Kamela Harris, Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry to name a few. Suddenly all these high profile women were here to propose to me. But I’m a fan of the old saying, first come first served. So I accepted Gillian.

Just afterwards some guy stepped up to me and said they wanted to employ me as ambassador of the United Nations. It was suddenly like the universe recognized all my talent and ability.

I know it sounds improbable. But I swear every word is true.

Anyways I still got some of this sz curing fortune spore coffee. Any takers?

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Lol! Very funny @Mr_Hope

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Thanks. I suddenly felt a urge to post some comedy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you snort spore coffee you get free internet

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