Would you do this?

I’m watching “Law and Order”, and some of the people being defended on this show are really, really bad. If you were a defense attorney, appointed by the system, would you throw the case? What if there was some legal technicality you knew about that would get your horrible defendant off, would you not use it? I would be really tempted. Then again, a couple of people who appeared on this show I would like to just shoot myself.

I would struggle with the job of being a lawyer because of the ethics. I wouldn’t want to defend a criminal. I guess I could be a prosecutor. lol nvm I couldn’t handle the stress either way lol.

I could be a prosecutor, but I couldn’t defend criminals (or possible criminals). I think the argument is that everyone deserves a fair trial, so a lawyer needs to do his/her best to get them that. If they are found guilty, the lawyer would need to negotiate a fair deal in the person’s best interest. But it all comes down to everyone deserving a fair trial.

I avoid CSI and similar shows because they make me paranoid. The bad thing is, though, that if they are already on TV when I turn it on, I am sucked into the plot and can’t change the channel.

There are a lot of criminals I could defend, but some of the really rotten ones I couldn’t. They definitely believe there is such a thing as irredeemable evil on that show.

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I am a L&O SVU addict. I’ve watched since the beginning, and my daughter watches with me. I don’t know why, but that one has me hooked. But I watch a lot of serial killer, true crime, etc stuff too. I don’t know if it’s cause of things from my past that draw me, I know my hubby can’t do SVU cause of family matters when he was a kid. So I watch when he’s sleeping or at work.

He can’t watch forensic shows, blood. Guts, etc make him sick to his stomach. And I can’t stand anime, so we’re even and don’t watch tv together.

I do that too. They must be popular shows, because there are so many of them.

I know, I’ve always had a fascination even as a young kid. I grew up in WI, and live here again, so we have lots of serial killers and crazy murders. I mean Slenderman a few years ago with those 12 year old girls, there’s been others closer, like 30 mins away, but that one scared me cause it was like right after we moved back and my oldest was a 4th grader.

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