Would you destroy the universe if you had the means to do so?

The universe is but a giant coffin. I want out.

I know I should feel better after reading this but somehow I don’t.

Sometimes I want to attack the persistent place certain malicious voices come from. But not the entire universe, that would be really pointless and vicious.

Sorry that you feel this way. I hope it changes

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On accident… (Self sabotaging impulse) =\

Even if it was destroyed, something else would exist afterwards. It’s impossible to have nothing.

I would much rather become the Universe and then do what I ever wanted. I could create cute little Digimon babies and watch them grow, or exterminate evil. I could fly faster than the speed of light in constant euphoria whilst viewing all the planets and stars in the cosmos. I could spend 1000 years as a Tree in the blink of an eye.