Would you destroy the universe if you had the means to do so?

I guess that for me at least the answer would depend on the determination of the real ontological status of the universe. Is a fully simulated life worthy living?

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I would not destroy the universe. Reason being: it is a place with possibilities. To cut off the possibilities would destroy all the good along with the bad.


I would also say I don’t believe this is a simulation. But even if it is,it is a good place to live.


If this is was a simulation and I do not believe it is… I would say it’s one hell of a simulation! But no I would not destroy the universe

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No I’m not a terrorist :wink:

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Not the universe. Would just be a shame if all of the McDonald’s restaurants somehow disappeared thanks to my newfound powers, however.

Would these possibilities be predicated on the existence of free will?

You can’t even destroy your own universe. Quantum immortality or returning to the presence/ ether is all there is. :wink:

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That’s generous! :slight_smile:

But what if we manage at some point in the future to create a simulation of our own that includes self-conscious beings not unlike ourselves with no awareness (at least not initially) that they are living in a simulation? Would that fact weaken your initial intuition that we don’t live in a simulation?

That would normally be to your credit, but I’m not convinced that’s the care here. :smiley_cat:

My ‘own’ universe? When did this happen?

When you were born! Or rather your own consciousness in the grand universe that exists that we all share.

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@NotSeksoEmpirico. I don’t even wanna think of that I have a hard enough time believing life is 100% real all the time

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I would burn this schizo condition till it vaporize and live the universe alone for all to play their part.
I hate this condition😭

I’m not certain I was ever born, which is kind of sad I guess.

You ae not a bot are you? They are getting cleverer and cleverer these days. :smiley:

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Why in the ■■■■ would I destroy the Universe?
I’m not a sociopath.

Isn’t the universe the ultimate root cause of sociopathy? :wink: I’m not sure we should dismiss out of hand of possibility of curing the disease by killing the patient.

You’re just being silly here. We already have plenty of such examples in other works of fiction and your question makes no sense at all there.

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