Would you date you?


That would be the free a month ago. Now I’m really making progress with my anger management and ending the cycle of psychohosebeast


I think I’m a pretty cool person. But two of the same personality would be a lot to deal with. I get really excited about things and have terrible judgment. I rely on Mr. Star to tell me when I’m being reckless.


I have no way of knowing how I present for real to the opposite sex. I’ve been told that I’m nice-looking. Do I have “the mind of a scientist and the heart of a poet?” Maybe. I think if I were a woman, I could be a lot worse off than to date me…


Nah I’m straight, bro! :wink:


I’m already my own friend with benefits. I might as well buy myself dinner once in a while.


It’s not gay if it’s yourself. It’s just masturbation.


Well @Coldcomfort stole my second joke “friends with benefits” and now you discredited my first joke. I guess no one dies a virgin, life screws everybody :wink:


Hahahaha I’m such a joke-killer!


I wouldn’t even date the perfect woman…


I’m out of my league.


Only if I had a chaperone.


Yeah, until I looked into a mirror.


It depends; who’s paying?


I don’t know; am I easy?


You got many jokes on this, I see


You speaketh the truth.


Interesting question… No is the answer. I am weird.


If I lost weight, got a job, and became more of an adult I might be dateable. Just trying to get through the day now.


I went on a date yesterday… It was cool.


If that me were a woman I think I would. I can’t imagine if I were neurotypical to address that part. I’ve been ill since I was 14 so I have no basis to be able to understand how I would think and feel.