Would you date you?


Knowing what you know about yourself, would you go on a date with you? Personally, I’d give myself a chance. I’d sweep my feet off myself until I realize how much I hate myself! :rofl:


No. Cuz I’m damaged goods. I don’t smile much. My self esteem is so fukin low. :smiling_imp:




Is this some sort of self-confidence or self-esteem question? I would say women would date me and I would date certain women. But mostly I am in the “friends zone” with women I know.


umm, no. if it were, it be in the dz section. being in the lounge, it’s just for fun.


we’re all damaged goods friend. FAKE IT: the smile, the self-esteem, even most normies do it.
@schizomaticly: that’s sexy.


I’d date a female version of myself that was sufficiently genetically different.


If I didn’t have Angie I could date again maybe…the only way I am ever not going to be with Angie is if one of us dies…I hope it’s me first…it will be another year or so but soon Fido’s hip dsyplasia will be bad enough that we might soon have to put him down. breaks my heart. He is such a great black Pyrenees.


Hard no. Nope. I’m a ■■■■■■■ mess. No way in hell would I date me.


No I would not date me.


if i was a normie, no.


Ugh… NO!! lol


Probably not, I did years ago go on a couple of dates with gal, that everyone was saying she was a female me. We never got along and never dated after 2 dates


I’m so awkward I would probably friendzone myself :sweat_smile:


Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where jerry dates a girl that looks just like him only female.:blush:

It can be refreshing with some differences.

I thought that my spirit was in their bodies and golly who was in my body …

So if I was in their body it was like dating myself in a way.

I think I was in Anders body many years ago and destructive malicious ones were in me.

I want to feel my man and what he feels like that we can feel each other for a while.

I have improved since I quit alcohol and lived celibate.

I feel more like myself now.

I can be a good girlfriend and I really believe that I can enriches someone else’s life and even my own.


Of course not!

Gawd. They say your in a relationship long enough you look like your partner and I’ve seen that!

Saying that though! A good relationship your different so it keeps it all interesting. I wouldn’t date myself. Shite. I’d think I was a right royal tosser and wouldn’t bother! I’d agree with that!

You look for someone who has similar interests…but not the same as you! That’s just how I go about things!




Absolutely…I’m a sexy beast. :wink:




I know of course I’d date myself with all the hard work on improving myself means I’m moldable at the moment. I’m trying to be a better person. Plus all my lifting has given me a much better. Ass lol lol


I would date someone who looked exactly like me, but with a different personality. I would fight with me too much.