Would you change your lifestyle if a "saint" told you it's necessary?

Would you? Would you give your pride and self respect?

No… no offense to saints…

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Dude man ! …you ACTUALLY see don’t ya ?

Thanks man.

Can you elaborate on that?

No…no I cannot…

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At least you are aware of your limitations.

Sadly most arnt even that aware of that.

It depends on whether it would make my life better.


If it’s so needed the saint can change their own life.

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Sooo …only if you can benefit?

I don’t think a Saint would tell you directly. They’d mostly show you. Then you’d start doing it without knowing it.

In a perfect world.

By example? …that didn’t work

What kind of Saint are we talking about anyway? They’re mostly considered psychotic by today’s standards and aren’t canonized until several years after their death.

Their language changes in how they respond to people over several years of their “psychotic” episodes.

Is this a personal question you need an actual answer…for your test Tomm? 37° change would be acceptable…

This way if it turns out negative your still the majority…

You are absolutely correct, by catholic standards there are many kinds of “saints” .

Im not catholc and I dont believe in santa claus.

What about you,?

Shh you going to far…I can see the glint in your eyes lol…

How could it be personal?

Do you actually believe in that stuff?

Wouldn’t matter if I did or did not…come on just chill out lol

Is it the point to just come to a consensus to “believe” or “not believe”? They’re the same thing.