Would you believe what my pdoc said....?

my pdoc said that probably the reason that social security hasn’t awarded me is that I have had constant symptoms that have over time gotten progressively worse when I should have gotten better, and that I hallucinate both voices and smells and don’t respond well to medication. Does this sound true to you? Should I be lying and saying I’m not hallucinating anymore and fake a smile for my visit?

No, that doesn’t make sense to me either.

Yeah, what he said sounds backward. Those are usually the very reasons that they give people Social Security.

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Should I start telling him what he wants to hear?

I’ve heard you often have to hire a lawyer. They know the system and coach you.

I have hired a lawyer we are on my second and final appeal.


No! What he says does not make sense at all! It`s the other way around!

Since he has eluded that he doesn’t believe me himself. I have spent the night rethinking that I risked trusting this doctor. I have been seeing him for ten years now. It took a long time to open up and tell him I was hearing voices, when I did, he smiled and said “I was wondering how long it would take?” Now he is saying essentially that I am too sick to be believed. My trust is gone. Am I jumping to conclusions?

It sounds to me like the guy is not on the level. I would seriously consider getting another pdoc.

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Yeah there is something missing - Is this guy very old, he does not seem to be modern for some reason.
Just hope that he fulfills his side of things.
He is going to have to answer a lot of things about you for disability - I hope that he is up to it.
If I were you, I would start consulting with a disability lawyer - they can help you along - good luck with everything

@crimby I can’t until this social security and this disability is over through my work. But it does make me start to ponder the idea.

@wave no he is in his late fifties maybe early sixties. He still seems pretty young. So far he has been very open to the idea of social security, in fact going on social security and quit struggling was his idea.


I was told by a psychiatric nurse, that it was “difficult” to get early retirement benefit. The way she said it, implied that it required skill to get the benefit. I was a little puzzled by this statement. I had always thought that the sick got these benefits not those who were adept at smooth talking the public office. She was a real bitch.

That’s completely opposite from what SSDI & SSI look for to award a claim…if you show promise of improvement, that’s when they deny. If you are continually getting worse that’s when it is easiest to get approved.
I would bring this matter up with the disability lawyer and see what they say. I am sure they will also think the pdoc is way off.

Well I talked to my tdoc today. He said that after his last case conference with my pdoc that the pdoc said he was frustrated because he didn’t know what to do for me and that it really bothered him that I was in such psychological pain. He told my tdoc that he was going to a conference specifically to deal with difficult cases like me. My tdoc said he doesn’t get the impression that he thinks you’re lying, the impression he gets is that he is out of his bag of tricks to help me.

you should tell him e`xactly WHat you just WRote,

btw idk what happened to that typing there lol

i reckon he should be helping you with your appeal and all of that too, you need him to help you

Back at my first appeal he wrote a typed five page letter regarding his medical opinion of me and why I should be on Social Security. Social Security threw it out and relied on their own expert who never even saw me.

That’s another reason I’ve never been formally diagnosed.

You can’t trust anybody with your well being.

that sounds criminal tbh

What does tbh mean?