Would you agree with this statement

It’s the nature of the disease to find conflicting information so you don’t feel secure.

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Anyone? 15151515

Psychosis is seductive in that what you are experiencing makes sense and is real to you but not others. That is the problem as it’s usually quite obvious to everyone else. So. Yes. It attacks the core of your being/thoughts so for most it is helped by medications.

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Yes you’re right

This illness will do everything in its power to mentally torture us until we break

It’s a horrible aspect, but we’re lucky to have medication, as nothing else seems to be on offer - at least here anyways

The illness is not a separate entity. We are not subconsciously sabotaging and destroying ourselves. It can be attenuated, mainly with meds, but there are other resources that exist that can help too. But to say an illness of any kind of any organ is attempting to torture us, I find rather curious.

Yea that’s how delusions work. You believe something that the majority of people don’t believe. Yes. And voices too.

You are not wrong there.

No. It’s the nature of the disease that it distorts both your perceptions and your processing of them.

No, I don’t think its the nature of the disease to find conflicting information, anyone who researches anything will find conflicting information. I’ve had different doctors give me conflicting information. No one feels secure when they have conflicting information and don’t know what is true. Hopefully in your research things will coalesce in your mind and you will understand whatever your studying and then feel better.

Sounds like the way my first pdoc viewed me to keep me coming back to him. I really got confused. It’s too late, now. My mother said the doc was inducing sz.

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