Would the culture of Social Media have ruined active support networks

Would the mocking and stringing along with of suffers from some of the most heinous mental afflictions like hearing voices, or becoming depressed to the point of social withdrawal be somewhat compromised within the modern culture of social media, and should there be more appropriate safeguards or ways of providing better support forum so as not to become anther Twitter or Snapchat, would I be right with this view of mental health platforms.

I helped start an AA group for those who suffer from mental illness and aside from one problem user it has gone very well. We’re able to provide a more supportive environment than most members can find at their local meeting. Our membership is international and we use both Facebook and Zoom. I feel that social media can empower recovery when used responsibly.


Thank you for that postive account but what would you do if things were not quite as rosy.

Try something to see if I can make a difference. When you see a need and you can fill it, that means you should consider stepping up.

Yes I agree I wanted or was aiming to put together a support group for TI’s though it has not gone according to plane.

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