Would staying in everyday make me a bit crazier?

I have serious withdrawal and avolition problems. I was a recluse in my earlier twenties and had nothing close to a social life. I turn 25 this year and I still have no social life. All I do is stay in and listen to music and play video games. The only time I leave the house is for doctors appointments or to pick up medicine and food. I can behave loopy at times and drive people nuts. I have incredible mood swings. I’ll love someone one minute then I’ll hate them the next minute. Plus compulsive anger. Besides obvious mental illness I think I’m pretty ■■■■■■ up.

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It took me a long time to realize… withdrawing didn’t help me communicate.

The less people I had to talk to… the less and less I talked until I found myself completely cut off and having a hard time communicating even with my doc and my own family.

For me… less communication… more frustration.

Social skills are just like any skill they improve with use.

If the anger is getting to you… (It was also a huge thing for me to get over) there are anger management books and online resources… when you feel better… CBT for anger management helped me let go of a lot and that helped me level out my moods around people.

Getting out… even if you don’t go see people… a walk outside… see the beauty in a near by park… enjoy a sunset… stuff like that helps…

Not to mention the natural vitamin D we get from the sun.

Hope you work up to take a few first steps… Good luck.


Thanks J.

I kinda feel content not having a circle of friends because I have trust issues, but not having a social outlet has really gotten to me. I have plenty of family but they don’t interact with me. I think they’re afraid of me to be honest. It must be the schizophrenia, or the fact that I’m so cantankerous and negative all of the time that I’m hard to be around. These things just feed into each other i guess.

That will drive people away.

When I was drinking… I was not a nice person… I was abusive and short tempered… people ran away from me… I blamed the Sz…

But when I quit drinking and got over the anger… and quit abusing people and cussing them out… they came back.

So it had nothing to do with the SZ and everything to do with my family didn’t want to be verbally abused and threatened with violence…


Finding the root to my hostility will be a little complicated. I don’t drink nor smoke so maybe it’s a personality trait. I don’t know. I don’t even like myself because of it. I will be attending anger management soon however, I’ve just been procrastinating. Maybe it will help.


thats the bad stuff,

what about the good?

i wouldn’t recommend staying inside too much,
i get claustrophobic if i do that, need to escape

i was at the cinema yesterday and today i went out for lunch and then again for dinner at mcdonalds, if i don’t get out i get really horrible feelings.


I went to the cinema yesterday as well. I saw “American Sniper”. In my opinion an over-hyped and over-rated movie. I don’t recommend it.

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If it’s making you not like yourself… I’m glad your considering a change. I’m rooting for you.

For me… maybe not for everyone… but anger led to huge discontent… then when everything sucked in my mind… I got worse and more ill… and more discontent and more negative… downward spiral…

Anger just trapped me into doing the same thing over and over… the result was I ended up homeless because I had slowly become so out line… I began picking fights just to do it… because everything sucked and made me angry.

I once had a temper tantrum due to gravity existing. I dropped my glass it shattered… I was told to clean it up and I had a melt down… 3 year olds tempter tantrum style… the nurse was having none of it.

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i didn’t like what i saw either lol, it was a musical (i didn’t know i swear) haha

and it was for children :thumbsdown:

‘into the woods’ it was called haha

was all that was on at that time lol

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My son is this way. Its very hard to deal with--the truth. I cant get a handle on one reason why he is like this, but I get a feeling that if he opened up to someone-anyone, it would help so much.
He has a lot of reasons to be angry-but he needs to get this out in a constructive way.
I think if you talk, or even write things down, it will get it the anger out so you don`t have to keep experiencing all the time…

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I write poetry about my problems and feelings. It helps.

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Sorry you had to experience homelessness. I know how feels to live in a car but never in the streets. Glad you rose up from that. And I also throw temper tantrums as well, but they’re sporadic. I have worse problems than this anger that’s brewing inside of me. But I know exactly where you’re coming from.

I’m similar to you with the withdrawal and avolition, but I’m 56. After prolonged periods where I stayed in and didn’t interact much I got kind of strange. Some of the things I did during those times I can only cringe about. Of course, in my case, there were chemical influences on my behavior. I got my dose of Haldol decoate decreased and I was doing large amounts of caffeine and ephedrine. A person needs at least a little social interaction. Without it a person grows eccentric, and he is not tolerated by many people. I’m not going to try to tell you how to lead your life, but there is more to living than staying in and listening to music. Maybe you’d be happier if you developed some friendships.


I think it’s too late, I’m already eccentric :tired_face:

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Your only 25,I am also 25 years old,I think there is still time for us to make friends…making friends and socializing a little is important for people with schizophrenia,for me I socialize a little everyday,not too much because I cannot stand being around people for long time,it kinda make me tense sometimes,and when I feel tension/stress for long time I get mental symptoms,but human beings need social too to survive.So I do a little bit of socializing to keep myself Alive and survive.

I believe accepting what kind of person you are is important.If your contend or happy with yourself,you won’t find socializing or mixing with people stressful


At 25, I wondered if you still lived with your parents or lived alone?

hey, im 25, i was and kind of still am in your position, i wanted social interaction and preferred to be alone, i wanted to be alone cos that was what i was used to, maybe youre like that?, but change is good only if you go through with it. have you tried something like gym or martial arts, could meet new people and maybe even release some of that anger. you could even ask your doc if they know of any group activities etc. and there are sites online where you can ‘meetup’ with others as well. all is not lost


Well, staying in either by choice or necessity (necessity like very cold and dark winters in the far north) can cause cabin fever.

I know some people eho experience this do get paranoid, as it says ‘distrust of anyone’ and it’s a cycle where even if they want to go outside they are afraid to go out in public, think someone is watching them, etc.

The best ‘cure’ is usually just go out and face the world…doesn’t have to be around a whole lot of people, just getting out in nature, in fresh air can help.
there have been times I dreaded going out, especially in the city, but when I did I was usually fine

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I don’t have a lot of friends anymore. People my age tend to bring a lot of triggers during social interactions. Can’t go back to my old place of employment because of it. I spend a lot of time in my apartment. I try to go out with some people I know a few times a week, but I can only endure so much.

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