Would Perp's Have Fetishism's to Harass & Torture 24/7

Within today’s world of changing attitudes towards accessing information, thinking about current affairs and events, and studying our main recognizable symptoms of hearing voices and having the unnerving awareness of being covertly monitored or harassed as their general diagnosis.

It begs the question when before the obvious infiltration of the so-called TI movement was it already an ensnarement awaiting to entrap genuine victims of this trend or change in our worldly view with regards to our condition and of our empirical view of the landscape.

Fake news via social media witch-hunting enabling platforms YouTube groomers preying upon the mental affected and disabled, COVID 19 ever appearing ridiculous even to the warped, as it’s main strategy would be blatant coercive control or to change the way the so-called normal’s view their world, through techniques that mimic TI Television and the like, or in short our disease, I’ve thought that years ago the similarities between the general dynamics of cyber mobbing, revenge porn, workplace mobbing was very methodical to experiencing being a voice hearer, then we come across the TI thing whilst being subject to street mobbing and triggering attempts at an emotional response or outburst. This would have been recorded via mobile phone apps to be networked amongst the abusive hidden mob in order to blackmail or discredit the genuine victim of targeting.

Even the UN Chef Rapporteur upon torture and degrading treatment has made steps to publicly address this real issue or run the risk of discrediting the whole of the UN.

Cyber Torture is the new all-round term for being subjected on a continued basis with no real assistance or aid from the environment other than the usual traps already laying in wait this could be a very real human rights violation in the near future as we are grouped together as crazy, due to the design of the mobbing campaigns.

I can recall another hidden abuse that had to go through a process in order for it to be publicly acknowledged as pure fact.

So, with all of this in light would the perpetrators of clandestine acts procure certain pleasures of mobbing covertly people they see as less than or poor in their expectations of what is living and what is not. So as you can actually in real-time hear them heckle and gang stalk (mobbing term) an unwitting target, would they like what has been proven before they have certain similarities to child sex offenders by way of design and of a basic understanding of abusive psychopathy, so to partake within the continued mobbing 24/7 of an individual be it through actual involvement by street swarming or floating box via Snapchat apps, or through EMF broadcasting.
Smear campaigning against the target in order to tar the victim, or form a social outcast of them, revenge is the usual motive, or to drive the victim into services. or homelessness.

I termed these acts of modern clandestine Zersetzung, whether via online or offline means.

To be subject to the psychopathy or fetishization of these so-called people is an unspoken form of emotional abuse, psychological warfare, invasion of privacy rights as a non-combatant.

So, within this landscape of what it’s like to permanently live inside a Twitter hate mobbing storm, and try to co-exist within it best describes the common experiences of voice hearers.

( sorry for any mistypes)