Would people appreciate framed prints of my art irl?

Am i trying too hard?. Will my reputation go up? Will peopleeven care?

I bet they well… I’m sure what you have to offer will speak to someone…

what venues have you tired? Esty is beginning to capture a lot of interest as far as art and home grown industry market place…

I was thinking outside my building

Possibly. Depends on how you market it.


Maybe I could go to a venue I dunno. It’s digital art, not the real thing

A frame can change everything. It’s an investment.

Art is art is art. I get painters who tell me that what I do isn’t art because I’m a photographer and it’s not like I spend all day creating an image. Except that I’ve done just that in some cases.

I just wish the market was better right now. My Internet sales fell off a cliff in the past five years.


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