Would like to thank my depot staff

I slept through my alarm and was 15 minutes late for the clinic. But they came down special just to give me my shot. They were really, really nice too.

I look forward to depot day because I feel better within a few hours of the shot. I would also like to thank my dad for giving me a lift to the clinic


Thats awesome jim! They seem like they care and know what theyre doing, thats such a good combo

I was late to my therapist today by about 20-25 mins and she was not happy lol

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Lol on the angry therapist! Is your therapy in french?

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Yes! Its pretty hard and sometimes I need to pull out my phone and translate a word or phrase but I manage

Also forgot to mention your dad sounds like a real one for driving you

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Yeah my folks are proper great. They really help me out big time.

How is your work getting on man? You sound very happy today which is great. Taking everything in your stride?

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Ahh we hit a snag in the code yesterday, it stops writing to the data dump file after 100 seconds without fail every time. Super weird. And now its out of our hands, we sent it to the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (they own the code) to help us out with it because weve spent months fighting with it to get it to work.

But at least I get to chill mostly for now while they figure it out for us lol, nice change of pace

I dont know why Im so upbeat today but yeah I guess Im just going with the flow! :slight_smile:

How you doing man, depot kicking ass?

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Depot is totally kicking ass! Was horrible and humid last night but has started raining so it should freshen up.

Us brits love to talk about weather. Honestly 95% of polite conversation mentions the weather at some point lol

Gave up the coffee man. Tea only for this here cowboy. Is real nice but I do miss strong coffee. The french are big coffee drinkers right?

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Sweet! Lol at work the weather for the weekend is all anyone talks about besides what were doing so no worries Im used to it :laughing:

Here its absolutely perfect, nice sun some small clouds, a breeze and warm mediterranean weather. I think thats why my mood is so good

French looove coffee, Swedes too. I apparently only go to coffee drinking countries lol

What type of tea do tyou drink? I really like rooibos

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I like this blend called ‘Yorkshire tea’. It isn’t fancy or anything. Us brits rarely have fancy tea.

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I just looked it up. Apparently the most popular type of black tea in britain :open_mouth:

Might have to try it

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It makes a great cup of tea - but in the British style so mostly brewed strong and with milk and sugar


Thats how I like it too, minus the sugar!

I must be 75% brit lol

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Yeah I don’t have sugar either. Is better without. In Britain herbal tea is mostly limited to a small subsection. 95% of the tea drunk is strong black tea with milk

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I can get with that for sure lol I love my caffeinated drinks with milk

Anyway I gotta get back to work on doing research so I can write some stuff today, wanna talk on discord later?

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For sure buddy. Take care

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Hello mate. How we doing? Glad you had your jab. I moaned, so i have mine at home lol.

On the yorkies too! Just had a bulk batch from amazon lol!

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Hey brother! Yeah I just got 1040 tea bags myself. Bet you are glad I told you you can get them cheap at Amazon.

I am grand mate. Felt ■■■■ yesterday but the depot was low in my system. Two and a half hours after my jag am right as rain.

I have given up on computer gaming. Have zero concentration for that. Mate you can’t overestimate how much I identified with you when you say you collect thousands of games and end up playing none. Totally what I am like.

So just gonna keep a laptop going for day to day stuff. Will be a ‘gaming’ laptop but not real high end. I play a bit of Warcraft now and then so just need a laptop capable of running that.

Are the scroungers still pestering you mate? Just don’t answer the phone when they call - they will soon get the message

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Glad your jabs serving you well mate. I get a “lift” too when mines done - my focus comes back bang on lol.

Im just restricting it to one game a month at the moment, and only if its on a decent discount. Ive got a 12tb external full of “backups” lol.

Trying to play Watchdogs legion at the moment - but im flitting between that and Skyrim VR, which is “interesting”.

Yeah, Shona still owes me £120 , but of course her phone is off. Its not even the money - its the lack of respect and trust she gives me in trying to fob me off. She just shot herself in the foot tho - cos next time shes sitting in the dark in dirty clothes - i will return the favour and and ignore her as well lol.

Ill be down the beach for an hour or too out the door - pretty busy here tourist wise.

Hope you keeping well

Seth :slight_smile:

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Get yourself a chippy and eat it on the beach. Might attract seagulls though lol

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Oh yeah of course. I always do!! lol :smiley:

Theres 6 to choose from along the beach lol. You can get a decent coffee too.

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