Would like to press the reset button on polypharmacy

Been using multiple meds for over ten years. Have forgotten what life was like before each one was added. Would love to be able to be med free for a limited period so the meds can be reintroduced in a stepped fashion so I can ascertain which ones I still need and which ones I don’t.

Does this make sense?

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Yeah. I mean you could try weaning yourself off certain meds now to test what is needed. But if I recall your previous posts weaning off medication has not gone well for you in the past, so maybe you do need it all.

I’ve been considering lately if it is worth going back on Risperidone and Zoloft but with something to lower prolactin, something to fix sexual dysfunction, and something to take away bladder inflammation which were the side effects that made me have to quit those meds. Is it worth being on meds for my meds to achieve stability…probably, as unfortunate as that is :disappointed:


My doctor said I could come off my seroquel. I have tried this before and have failed. This time round I am quitting over the course of 24 weeks. It is still hard (have gone from 600mg to 400mg) but is looking like its achievable at this very slow rate

Why do you want to change your meds?

It’s hell to get on them and worse to come off! For me It’s not safe and would probably result in a hospital admission!

To each their own @JH85

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