Would it be weird for a 36 year old single straight male

to buy Alanis Morrisette, Jagged Little Pill?

It was a really good album. I think there were 8 or 9 #1 hits on the album. I was wondering if it would still sound good in 2019. It’s only $6.99 on iTunes. What do you think?


I like Marina and the Diamonds and I’m pushing 50. Go for it ! :smile:

Who cares?! If you like it, buy it!


I thought you said buy Alanis Morrisette herself. That WOULD be weird.


Buy the albums you like!

It shouldn’t matter your age or sex.

If you wanted to listen to Backstreet Boys, you should be able to.

Go for it.

Jagged Little Pill was a great album.


Buy the album! Music is for everyone! Mr. Star loves showtunes, and he’s a straight white male too

If you like it, buy it. Don’t worry about what people think. :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:

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I pay iTunes like 9.99 a month. I can listen to whatever I want to.

No Garth Brooks though.

I love Alanis!
I say go for it.

Nobody is judging. If you like it, buy it!!!

Sure thing. Enjoy yourself. Don’t get too wrapped up in the life politics.

Yes, it’s very weird. Only gay men can enjoy Alanis Morrisette. Are you sure you’re not hiding in the closet?

I mean I think it’s age appropriate for people our age, but it’s kind of old by today’s standards. As long as alternative rock stays good I listen to all kinds of new stuff. I always thought Alanis sang funny, kinda like the guy from Dave Matthew’s Band.

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Was a great album, get it

I used to have that cd. Go for it! Check ebay for a new sealed cd…even w shipping, it might be cheaper lol

My sentiments exactly.

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Go for it! If you like the music then don’t worry what others may think about you liking it.

Go for it!

Would that be Dave Matthews by chance?