Would it be better if I planned to do something a little bit criminal?

I feel aggressions in my head and want to rid myself of them. Maybe I should tease someone a little or steal a cookie. Something to relieve the tension.

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I like to do stuff like that. I’ve been known to walk into some kind of college student union where they had cookies and spice tea for some kind of reception. I would eat seven cookies before anyone knew I was there. I love to crash the party at a reception. It seems like they have gotten more aware of that recently. For a long time no one seemed to notice.

make some cookies put in a cookie jar then tell yourself not to touch them … then sneak on out … you’ll feel better :slight_smile:

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Here’s a messy idea - lose control of my excretions. That’s not so far away as I get older.:slightly_smiling_face:

That’s horrible, @PinCushion because then you have to clean up. Why should you be punished? Then again, why should anyone not involved in your pain and agitation be punished?
How about writing about what it is that has created your anger and desire to seek revenge? Write about it, write down some names on paper and then rip the paper up?

@Hedgehog, I’d rather do something like that than a real crime is what I’m saying.

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Expressing your self and your reasoning without anger is productive. Kudos for that. Talk to people about it!

That’s a good idea. I keep too much to myself.

Me too! This forum is a lifesaver.

I like to remove those tags from mattresses that say, “do not remove under penalty of law.”

(I’m such a rebel.)


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