Would I get hospitalised

if I quit my meds one day?


my pdoc used to emphasize that many of the side effects are really from the disease of sz and not so much from the meds as we think…


Most hospitalization episodes I have seen (I work in a psych hospital) happened because the person quit their meds. The ones that didn’t happen because of that were because it was their first psychotic episode.

When you are on meds they help reduce the amount of dopamine normally flooding your brain. Your brain gets used to the meds controlling it and stops maintaining it itself. If you quit meds, you get an overwhelming rush of dopamine to your brain and your brain can’t regulate it because it is used to the meds doing it so it’s even worse than before you were on meds. This causes you to have an episode potentially worse than you had before you were on meds. It is called “rebound psychosis”.

Never just abruptly quit your meds. If you have only ever had one episode of psychosis, one day you can try weaning off with your doctors help.

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I’m asking my doc about quitting them

My best guess is the doc won’t let you, considering the symptoms you’re having

Well I’m not having delusions or hallucinations so i think she would let me

Uhm, you keep making posts that you think you’re being poisoned.

Yes but it’s only intrusive thoughts

Even if you didn’t, it’s recommended to stay on them for quite some time (at least 2 years here) after a single episode of psychosis. To prevent relapses.

I guess you’re right but I won’t relapse

You don’t know that.
A LOT of people have thought they woudln’t relapse, only to quit their meds and fall even deeper down the rabbit hole

@Crystal-Cotton we’ve been telling you over and over again that you should stay on meds. Also it’s a preventive measure towards future psychotic episodes. If you go off of meds, you will have really bad results.

Here is your thread. @Crystal-Cotton I think your questions have been answered.

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