Would Beta Blockers help with my fear of my voices?

Every thought I have, verbal and non verbal, are being judged by a massive faceless audience.From what I read online Beta Blockers can treat performance anxiety, like public speaking. So I was wondering if they can cure my anxiety of the army of voices in my head. Anyone try it? How did it go?

Beta blockers helped me with extreme fear of everything. I can’t promise they’d help with voices, but before I started taking atenolol, I was in constant terror. I was afraid of cars driving by, if I was in a public restroom and someone came in the door I would hide in a toilet stall, I was afraid of the phone ringing or the a knock on the door - anything remotely surprising and I was in a panic. Atenolol had that under control within a week.



I took Inderal (propranolol) for the shakes, it helped the shakes, don’t know about positive symptoms though honestly.

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