Would a pair of bunnies be good for me?

I’ve been really pushing it with my IOP and my parents to allow me to get a pair of bunnies. I already found an adoption place that specifically does rabbits. It’s just I keep talking about it and not much gets done. As you all know i love those creatures more then anything. Everytime i see a little guy on the street i forget all my troubles for that brief second and my world is bliss. And in general I love animals. Dogs, Cats anything furry really. (Not big on reptilians or insects as pets). I know I’d be a loving big brother to whoever two guys or gals i would get but it just hasn’t come through cause i need the financial support and support from my psychiatrist and IOP. How much joy does your companion give you? Would a pair of adorable bunnies bring me the same joy?

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I think you would make a good parent for a couple of bunnies.

But consider the following: are they going to be alone for long periods of the day? Will you have someone to take care of them if you’re not able to (e.g. being hospitalized or on vacation)? Do you have the money to take them to vets, buy them their necessities, good quality food, etc?


I’ve thought all that over and I could do it all but the only one that gets me is if I went away for like a week. Thats still something i need to figure out i guess

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Think about it.

I think they would do you some good. They’re very good company. :slight_smile:

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