Would a 1984 society really be that bad?

Just sayin…

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Yes it would be bad, very very bad!

lets see hypothetically I think crime would drastically decrease, individual rights would be restricted(I think US citizens have too much power), and most people would be of the same class even though other would work harder or less as hard. I don’t know, sounds like utopia to me.

north korea and china go right on ahead

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americas on its way

I would rather not waste half an hour of my life on pointlessness…

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Hmmm three pointless posts in half hour ???, just sayin’


I see what you did there. Touche Dreamscape, Touche!!!

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Hm, guess I was thinking of a different 1984 from Ghostbusters The Never Ending story, footloose, 16 candles, to the first nightmare on elm street, The third Star Trek movie, the terminator, Children of the Corn, Punky Brewster, Miami Vice, Whose the boss, Threes company, Cheers, and Different strokes…of course in 1984 I was only about 3 years old, and didn’t suffer from Schizophrenia and the whole world was full of opportunities for me.

I find it interesting that you said that US citizens have too much “power” and not freedom…which are two different things…I’m not too far removed from “power” myself…and I have very little to none of it myself.

Did you mean power…or freedom?

hummm, first let me answer your question with a two part question. How much freedom is too much? and if freedom means happiness, would that be giving the government more “power” over the people? Take as long as you like to reply.

I found you’re answer very vague to be frank…too vague to answer.

I’ll just say that my concept of freedom is very much at odds with my society…I believe in alternatives for those of us who don’t necessarily fit the “American way”…I was hammered into place until I couldn’t stand it anymore believe me…

but to answer you’re query…I would be one of those on the rooftop with a sniper rifle if we were to institute the kind of social controls hinted at in the novel 1984 (one of my favorite novels)

my father was roughly 20, and flew in wellington bombers during world war 2, ( yes i said world war 2 ! ) as a navigator…
my father is an evil ■■■■■■■…but people like him fought for ’ freedom ’ for certain rights…
in my opinion democracy does not work, the rich manipulate it…
but an imperfect democratic society is better than a '1984 ’ society…
take care


I say we go back to what the ancient Greeks dared to do…city states man…city states…direct democracy at it’s fullest…mind you the enslaved population of democratic Athens approached 40% of the population…imperfection at it’s best right there…(worst?)

But there was too much warfare between city-states. It’s better to unite and become a country.

in australia we take in refugees put them in concentration camps ( in my opinion ) treat them like rubbish…then if they pass the ’ australian imigration test ’ which by the way most australians would not be able to pass, basically because they are thick… after that…
we let them in ( sometimes ) and expect them to come into our society and be grateful after locking them up, for up to 3 years…including children !!!
aaaahhhhhhh democracy…imperfect…but lots of humans died for the priviledge…of imperfection…lol
take care

The government watching me in my own house, 24/7? No thanks.

i am not argueing…
but do you think that there would the ’ internet '?
do you think that they the ones in charge would let us (sz) exist…in a george orwell ’ 1984 ’ society.
this argument is brought up by people who have never fought a war…
ever killed someone…
ever trudged through no mans land and put your foot in a fellow soldiers rotting corpse…
these people died in wars…for freedom…for people like us so that we the ill could have the rights we have today…
not argueing…but .
take care

Freedom…we as a nation yell this word from the rooftops…shout it out…but it’s seldom been a byword but for a minority in this country…it’s more often than not been the freedom of the accepted at the expense of the socially unaccepted. As much as this is changing…I can’t help but see shadowy figures on the sidelines and even in wealth and power drooling at the chance to take this “freedom” away…to create a fall in line or else society…in which the “norm” rules…at the expense of all of us who don’t fit.

Don’t forget…it wasn’t so long ago that being gay was considered a mental illness an therefor a maladaptive social abnormality…there are threats even where there is well meaning help for those of us who don’t quite fit.

i agree…but do you live in an imperfect democratic society.
a fascist society
a communist/stalin society dictator ship…
north korean society…run by a life size tele-tubby

the last three we as sz would be locked up…not cared for…not helped.
take care