Worst vision/hallucination

the ape devil demon vision hallucination, i thought my ■■■■■ was cut off and the demon was at my privates , a voice rang out in my head ‘’ is this what you want’’

the worst one i think was of my children being killed by arab fundamentalists. my daughter was 5 years old and my son 2 years old. they were kidnapped. my daughter was raped then shot in the head and my son thrown on a fire and burned alive. it was horrific for me to see. it got me for years. now i know it was crap but at the time it got to me.

Your devil’s an ape?

Fitting really. The one I remember from my delusional memories was always this tall goat-man with horns and deep red skin. He didn’t even seen all that evil really. Had sort of this hapless and harmless quality to him.

The worst is my kid sister being kidnapped and killed or abused, raped… on and on. This did me in to the point where I used to handcuff her to me. So she couldn’t be snatched.

Recently I’ve been struggling with the image and idea that my youngest brother is going to bring her to very serious harm. I’m working to get over that one.

Another one that is hard is the image that I myself had hurt her… broken her arms, punched her. I used to be ready to end my life over that one… until I would see her and she would show me there wasn’t a mark on her. I never touched her.

The fire, the spiders, the faces in the walls, the breathing furniture, the pulsating colors, the mixed up color of things, the flying snakes and the egyptian gods… that is all pretty easy for me to handle now… But my sister or my very young niece or nephew being gruesomely harmed… I can’t take that one.

Darwins theory of evolution is finally exposed for what it is ! Haha.
the devil likes to monkey around.

Does dream count? Because I only have one waking vision that would fit this category, where I saw my wife die a second time and then turn into a dead alien.

This is a hard one, I’ve had so many its becoming hard to tell between reality and non-reality.
Here is one I do remember however, I had just woken up, I had a bed in the living room because I never had my own room, I looked into the kitchen and seen people sitting around the table. I thought “Oh, okay its just late and people are here.” Well, a second later someone pounced at me and I screamed out-loud, then everyone was gone.

Another time was when I seen a shadow figure walk across the yard and disappear at the fire pit.

My worst vision is not fit for telling. horrible violence done to babies by who I thought was the devil’s advocate. I try hard not to think of those things.

I know that if I described the most horrific aspects of my false memories here even vaguely that it might utterly shock and terrify some of you. So I am choosing to keep these things in my own head.

One time at 2:30 a.m. I was up and I heard this “dead Indian war cry”. It was real close, and it was nothing like a coyote. It was the most blood curdling thing I’ve ever heard. It was super loud, and it rose and fell and changed in inflection. It was loud enough to certainly wake up the others, so that tells me it wasn’t real.

Demons and traumas I would say. the alien doing that is most likely just a demon disguising as an alien.
there seems to be a huge difference between ‘schizo’ visions and those caused by spirits. problem is most psychologists & psychiatrists call it all hallucination and not real…except for a few like a couple i have met that had their own experiences with spirits so cannot deny the reality of another dimension that we sometimes can perceive…

Im not sure which was the worst.

But the fanged grinning face made of light i saw was pretty bad because i was horribly shocked at the same time it appeared, it was painful although only happened for a second.