Worst meal you’ve ever had

Or at least most memorably bad!!!

When I went to London at age 10. We went to a place called Garfunkel’s and I was like “you call this a cheeseburger???” More like a brick of mold on a bun :face_vomiting:

No offense to our British posters but we ended up eating at an Indian restaurant almost every night there

On the same trip, we went to Paris next so We went from some of the least appetizing food, to the worlds best food it Made up for it for sure.

From Garfunkel’s and Harry Potter early releases to fondue and croissant chocolat.

Maybe it would have been better had Yelp been around back then But we were lost in London with the food.

Great city tho. Loved all the tourist attractions I still remember somethings like yesterday!!

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Anything with garlic or onions.

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Tie between the crab cakes that gave me food poisoning and a weird dish I was served in Spain.

I was trying to explain that I was vegetarian, and they understood, but didn’t have anything on the menu without meat, so I just said make whatever.

What I got appeared to be french fries in tomato soup,

Bad tomato soup.

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I remember vividly when I was a little kid being forced to eat a bowl of tomato soup(which I despised and still do) and having a little vomit come back up into the bowl. My mom made me continue to eat it despite the vomit because she thought I was just being stubborn!

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Bad mexican nachos. It was heated up in most likely a microwave and it was horrible.

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Jail dinners. It was usually some type of unrecognizable slop and spinach. I hate spinach.

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The pizza from Pizza Hut today. The crust was thin and like cardboard and I ordered double cheese and it barely covered the pizza and it quickly went cold and unappetizing.

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I had gone off sushi this week.

That was really bad.

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Must have been the nachos I ordered a few years ago.

First if all, it was clear they’d just bought cheap nacho chips at a grocery store and thrown them in an aluminum bin. The cheese was pre-grated cheese which was SPARSELY strewn on top.

Then the whole thing had been in the oven at way too high temperatures, so the cheese was dry and the chips were dark brown.

For such a low-effort food item they really messed it up.


The first and last time I had spaghetti carbonara. Probably the same thing would go for mac and cheese.


Hmm. . .

The Worst Meal I Ever Has Was When I Ate A Biscuit At My Grandmother’s House.

A Very Long Dark Moons Ago.

With My Dad’s Side Of The Family. A Rather Large Family. With Many Aunts & Uncles.

Many Cousins. (That Now Have Many Children Of Their Own).

The Biscuit Tasted Like Something Other Than A Biscuit.

Like It Was Made Out Of Plastic. Like I Was Eating A Balloon. Thankfully, It Was A Biscuit.

And Of Course Not An Actual Balloon. Because That Would’ve Been Dangerous.

As I Was Eating Thus Biscuit/Balloon I Was Apparently Looking Startled And Confused.

Because My Entire Family, Kept Asking, ‘What’s Wrong Dear, What’s Wrong Dear, What’s Wrong’?.

I Didn’t Know What To Say.

I Was Confused About The Biscuit.

Worst Meal I Ever Had.

I spent a fortnite there over three decades ago and it was mostly the same for me. Chips and egg is great once. Bubble and squeak was … memorable. Good fish and chips are harder to find than you’d think and Lord help you if you ask for ketchup. The Stink Eye, it burrrnssssss.

Most disgusting meal: Department store sushi that had gone bad and gave me food poisoning.

Meal that made me feel the worst ever: Accidentally ate dog in a restaurant (if you can call it that) in Northern Manitoba. I am admittedly not a dog person, but I’m certainly not in favour of eating pets. That really bothered me.


In fifth grade I became friends with my next door neighbor. He was a year or two older than me. His family was kind of weird and this embarrassed him. I had lunch at his house one day. At that time, a normal lunch should have been a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a tuna sandwich. His mom served us a bowl of chicken bullion, a plain slice of Bologna (no bread or any condiment) and some coleslaw. Not particularly horrible or anything but it was just another weird incident about his family.

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Every meal i ate during a months stay in Finland near the russian border. Sticky pirogues, sour, stale ryebread. Prefab gravy out of tin.

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Some of the meals I was given in the state hospital were the worst for me. The food was not recognizable.

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Hospital food sucks.
My first hospital stay was at a ward where they brought you food on plastic trays. I told them I’m lactose intolerant, so for the next three days I had to watch my peers get trays with meatballs, chicken, fish, meats of any kind, along with potatoes and dairybased sauce.
Meanwhile, during those three days, my trays featured a ladlescoop of green goo that vaguely tasted like stale peas.

I’m glad that place shut down.


Wow that sounds gross

I’m lactose intolerant too and I purposely don’t tell the hospital I am when I go there for this reason. Most of the food I’m given I’m able to eat typically.

Yeah me too. The hospital I’ve stayed in all the other times had buffets, so I just had to not put dairy foods on my plate. Sure, potatoes without sauce is boring. But I can tolerate moderate amounts of butter, so I’d just put that on and salt them a bit.

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Yup, that works out

I feel like a lot of hospitals don’t know how to accommodate well to someone who’s lactose intolerant. It’s like that one hospital you were at just panicked and sent you some green goo

“Shoot, what’s lactose… something with milk… milk comes from mammals… Let’s just remove everything even remotely related to mammals”

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