Worst grocery blunders

what’s your wost grocery blunders? mine is getting a meal that can’t be microwaved, or getting an can that can’t easy-open. also getting yellow bananas seem to be an issue with me, as the bananas seem to perish faster in contrast to getting more greener bananas. in fact, now i go for the greenest bananas. but i think my worst blunder, by far, might have been getting hot dogs as a quick snack and skipping the buns. i learned that my tongue doesn’t like hot dogs without buns.

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Haha, I do that all the time with the hotdog. Like, if I’m too lazy to cook anything, I just buy a pack of sausages and eat them as they are. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess my worst grocery blunders involve buying the stuff I don’t need and forgetting what I came in to buy.

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About three years ago I bought over $1200 worth of groceries at once. I had bought a lot of good stuff like many boxes of microwave popcorn, lots of jar’s of jam, jelly, and ice cream toppings, dozen of boxes of pudding and cold cereal etc. But I started gaming weight fast so I ended up donating all that good stuff to my local food pantry. The needy people really scored that day.

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Haha @sirBoring I’ve been a pro grocery shopper since the getgo. I don’t make blunders…

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I am not sure you could call it a grocery blunder but meaning to buy freezable stuff and buying non freezable instead.
Have done this several times with soups only to find when I took the soup out of the freezer it said ‘Not for freezing’.

I just learned that trick myself. I’ve started buying more fresh fruit myself. I still haven’t mastered the technique of getting the best fruit for the cheapest price. It isn’t good to buy in bulk because the fruit goes bad before you can eat it. I bought two lbs. of grapes at an exorbitant price last week, and I have been stuffing grapes down my throat all week. It looks like they’re not going to go bad because I have eaten most of them.

I buy bananas green too so they last longer, especially since I don’t really like overly ripe bananas. The only problem is they all ripen at about the same time. :unamused:

Not my Blunder, but I once found a large insect in a bag of Frozen Blueberries.
It could have been a Bee or Wasp.

I also found a large piece of plastic in a package of Nuggets.

Buying fruit is a tricky one as fruit can go over ripe quickly. The sell by dates on packs of fruit can be very short.
It’s hard to buy fresh fruit online that will do you for 10-14 days. There is the alternative of frozen fruit or those pots of fruit, but that works out much more expensive.

I am a magician. Figured out how to open a can after the pull tab broke off.

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I bought Mom a frozen ice cream cake for Mother’s day, and mistakenly put it in the fridge. Went to take it out to bring to the party, and it had melted like a collapsed circus tent. Doh!

Argh my post was supposed to be here.

I was the house cook as a kid so had a clue. Bought groceries for myself as soon as able as parent’s tastes make me weigh about 250lbs. I’m under 200 lbs on my own (before psychosis meds)…

Little things like getting Gluten Free Chicken Strips instead of Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets.
But one time I bought a Breakfast Burrito i thought was gluten free and after already eating a small amount I checked the label. I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
I have Celiac but the main symptom I get is feeling really tired. If I get the-other stuff it’s usually the next morning.