Worst feeling known?

name one of the worst feelings known?

Has to be depression , then psychosis. I felt so bad once i simply could not stand. I could not muster the motivation , i wanted to sleep forever. I really didnt want to wake up. Horrible!

but i got better…

Lately for me it’s feeling helpless or powerless. “It too shall pass…” :smile:

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i had the feeling i destoryed the world and god was sending me too hell for entirnaty as punishment

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Intense feeling of being watched
Am better off now though

I would imagine losing your own child would be the worst feeling ever though. A parents worst nightmare of their child dying before them. I’m not a parent but I think most would agree.

Mine was hearing a close friend killed herself. Has to be the worst phone call I ever got…A huge kick in the guts and alcohol just made me sicker to the stomach.

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me to but God didn’t do, we all just got a great laugh after that.

Being on 40 mg of Haldol a day.

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I would say being paranoid - anxious gets pretty bad

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Being unloved. Or loneliness.

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Betrayal makes my stomach knot and turn.


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Getting drunk, going to bed, and seeing the room spinning around in circles.

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deep dark depression…
followed by the despair of ocd and not wanting to go through 3 doors in the house because it will take you forever…aarrhhhh the good old days…still remember them !?!
take care

The dizziness and nausea that I used to get often along with the stomach cramps.
Delusions of different sorts

depression…and all the “side effects” that can come with it…too tired to get out of bed,inability to face the sun shine,too hard to shower,etc…i am better now

Depression and abandonment are the two that try to eat through me and just turns my life rust brown and helpless.

despair too the hilt

I agree with snowyowl1 antipsychotic withdrawal which I am going through right now is the worst feeling I have felt and I’ve been through gall bladder and kidney stones.

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