Worst feeling/emotion ...?

What is it


Do you mean which one feels the worst to experience? I think that depends on the person, because when we are younger we learn what is ok and not ok by our parents reaction. For me it might be ‘guilt’ or ‘excitement’. It used to be anger but I’m ok with that now.

Or do you mean which one is the worst for our well-being, in which case I think ‘capitulation’ is the worst, that sense of defeat and surrender when you cease to be yourself, broken and dissociated. That’s how trauma babies are made.

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The endless empty void of feeling nothing.

No care, no strive, couldn’t care less anymore.

That’s when I’m too numb to feel.

It’s worse than any others in my opinion.

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my worst feeling was despair/hell

Apathy and guilt are pretty bad ones to get stuck in imo.

Despair is deep. When did you feel like this Pedro? How did you survive?

I think I was saved by the universe, big time

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Fear. Fear of something terrible happening if i venture out of the flat. Comes down to my lack of self confidence as well. Most people would brush it off if they had a funny look. Not me - i will take it home with me and dwell on it for a couple of hours.

Probably why i drank so much - cos when drunk i simply couldnt GAF.


I think the worst feeling is loneliness.

Or fear.

Better still, loneliness due to fear.


Image condemed to hell

that was the feeling

my words doesn’t bring it justice in fairness

Fear followed by anger.

The worst feeling for me is feeling insignificant.

I don’t have nightmares. The closest I get is when I have dreams about needing to warn a group of friends about an imminent danger and they’re ignoring me. I scream in their face, but they don’t see nor hear me.

I struggle constantly with feeling like I’m not enough and my thoughts don’t matter, my needs should not be put first, etc.

The grief you feel when someone in your family dies.

Hmm. . .

Honestly, There Is No “bad” Emotion.

In The End, No Matter How Great The Accomplishment. No Matter How Sad The Failure.

The Emotions Attached To Those Event’s Equate In The Truth That We Are Alive.


Which Is, As My Personal Memory Serves, Not Really A Bad Thing In All Hopeful Recollection.

Yea, Yea, Yea, What You Wanted Didn’t Work Out. Bah Humbug!.

But!, The Sun Never Sleeps, And Always Rises.

So Why Give Up On Yourself And Stare Into The Endless Void Of Self Defeat?.

Stand Tall, Face The Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night’s With Clear Focus.

And Trade In Those Negative Attachments With Being A Witness To The Mercy Of Existence.

There Is Beauty, It Is Real, And It’s Not Far From Your Own Flesh And Blood.

Take A Look At Your Fingertips. Go Ahead!, Take A Quick Look!.

Those Hands You See Have Felt Much In Thus Illusion, Delusional, Surreal, Reality Known As What.

Be Proud, Embrace That Love In Your Own Heart. And Continue To Wander!. :slight_smile:

Anxiety! It has completely ruined my life. It has turned me into nothing. It has stolen every other emotion from my life. What is left is a negative shell of my former self. I struggle when I’m around people, trying to be positive even though I just want to puke out my negativity. I don’t understand why I’m like this?


Anxiety is a BICH

Every time in my life I’ve got rid of one type of anxiety

It just manifested to another

For example it started with ocd

Then social anxiety

Then generalized anxiety

Then panic attacks

Now it’s more manageable than ever

But I’ve had to deal with every type of mainstream anxiety disorder in my life practically


Was your OCD treatable @Jonnybegood ? I can’t seem to halt my obsessive thinking

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I still definitely count to 3, 12 and 15

Especially when I’m walking, pacing. I have an ocd way to my pacing

Fortunately I don’t count the letters and syllables in every sentences I say anymore and try to make it divisible into one another, and edit my sentence real quick in my head if it’s not a “perfect sentence”

That ended when I stopped speaking at 13-14 years old ;). Yup when the social anxiety came upon me

I still am very ritualistic I’d say.

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When I was in denial about my sz, I told everyone I suffered from anxiety.

My friend once asked (politely) what was wrong with me

I whispered real quietly so no one would hear and said “it-it-its my anxiety :disappointed_relieved:

He knew I had Sz. And he kinda mocked me. He wasn’t very nice in the end. He just asked to see if I knew what I had.

At least he let me found out the answers on my own I guess tho.

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For me, paranoia. Paranoia causes fear, distortions of reality, and delusions.