Worst chores of cleaning

the two drawers I do not like the most is cleaning the oven in the bathroomI’m almost across the later of these two thingssucking on my list disclosing tablets out and vacuuming hallwaysI’m sure you have chores that you do at your house at some of them you do not like but are there any chores that you haven’t done for years for example

None of that bothers me...but I REALLY dont like going to the grocery store…

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I’m really bad with cleaning. I just don’t have the motivation. Today I forced myself to clean up the dog waste in the yard and just by doing that I had the motivation to do a couple of other things. I wish I wasn’t so lazy because it stresses my mom that the house is a mess. Something I haven’t done in a while is scrub the floors on my hands and knees. Like Nike says “just do it!” :sunny:

I swear its impossible to do things without motivation… ugh!!!

I hate vacuuming. All the hoses, how heavy the thing is, the attachments… I hate that loud thing. I’m finally get used to doing laundry.

I used to be really bad at laundry and make all sorts of mistakes. But I’m learning.

I hate cleaning out the refrigerator and cleaning the tub.