Worst anxiety attack ever

It lasted the whole day. :frowning: I locked myself in my room and was afraid to leave my house.

Technically I’ve had worse anxiety attacks while stoned.

Sorry to hear that man…

If the problem persists report it to your doctor.

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same man when I smoke it’s hell like everybody’s screaming at me

I was afraid I broke my brain from too much alcohol. I feel recovered now.

Since I quit smoking cigarettes the anxiety has been creeping up on me, especially while driving. Sometimes I can’t drive from it.

Glad it passed for you. Really though I’d keep an eye on it. I hear that is the most hellish thing to experience. Was described as feeling like your falling face first into the side walk except you never hit it, you only feel like you are going to… Was a pretty good Ted talk.

I only get anxious when I don’t know what to do with my mind, but haven’t dealt with that since I quit smoking weed.

Do you have a history of anxiety attacks? Maybe you can find a pattern.

If you feel like it’s the alcohol then at least you can do something about it.

Well don’t go back to cigs man. This will pass I’m sure. Your chemistry is just adjusting. Perhaps the dopamine you typically release when smoking is getting backed up. I’m thinking the brain will regulate in this case might take a month or so.

No alcohol for me tonight.

I’m sorry it hit you so hard. I’m glad your getting back on track.

Hope you feel better soon.

I hate that feeling of sheer terror and panic. Feeling that I need to run away, but to afraid to leave… it’s exhausting.

I’m rooting for you.

When you guys get anxiety attacks is it normal for your brain to feel like it is short circuiting and you are becoming semi-mentally challenged from it?

I was afraid I had brain damage and was debating with myself if I was also suffering from delusions in that sense. I found it hard to think straight with the feeling of dread and was not used to this type of prolonged anxiety where there was no escape.

Yes I can’t seem to focus at all when I’m having anxiety attacks.

For me, yes… it’s a lot of short circuiting and I can’t calm down, or talk myself into a logical state. I can’t focus… My brain is yelling “danger” but very little else.

I’m amped up and freaked out and I can barely make a straight sentence.

■■■■ these mind screwers.

Are you just going cold turkey or you have a patch. Or Vape ? Wouldn’t that cause anxiety?

I was doing the vape, but I no longer need it. I have no craving for nicotine.

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Dude that’s some heroic ■■■■ to report.

Hey Daimon,

Going thru a anxiety attack too. Feel like I can’t function properly just waiting for relief. I would say mine are severe afraid of my thoughts and what may happen. Pray for peace of mind.