Worsening of your personality or character

Has anyone experienced the delusion that their personality or character is being worsened by an outside force?

I often feel like this. For example, I feel like a diabolical being has made me more irritable, negative, and critical, as well as less loving and caring. Sometimes it feels like my mind gets polluted with negative thoughts by some outside force. Sometimes it feels like the core of who I am is made worse.

Anyone relate? What was your experience like?

Yeah, with the paranoia, every day is a struggle not to be angry with other people. I have to train my mind not to think, not to be afraid.

I’m so sorry about your paranoia. I was super paranoid for 33 years. It is HELL!!! Try triple anti psychotics.

I get a lot of that, has cost me a fortune, I often do the opposite of what I think they want me to do, just to piss them off, by the time I’m at that point I don’t care about anything and it happens often.

Oh yeah, I feel the demons corrupted me big time. Or at least I did feel that way. Now I realize it’s more a product of mental illness having slowly eaten away at the person I was over the years combined with the disappointment of life.

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My patience isn’t so good but I’m holding on but yeah I’ve became more careless I have no feelings and when I do I hate it because I don’t like that it gets me sad or mad

In the past the dark voice in my head would always talk about taking control of me. And he could and still can move my face. Even speak through me. But he can barely move my body, so I’ve gotten used to the fear. But he used to fill my head with worry. I thought he’d possess me and commit crimes for sure.

I feel often that my personality can never fully come out because he’s hogging so much of my thinking space.

When u say move your face what do you mean by that? I feel like we going through the same damn thing

Meaning a facial expression he portrays appears on my face like it belongs to him. It’s frustrating. I don’t have big issues with misbehavior, but I always have to force down a nutty grin of his when I’m out in public.

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Dude same here but I didn’t think it was like anybody inside me or anything just normal but now thinking about it wtf wtf

I sometimes hate it because it’s not me that wants to crack a smile it’s just the way it happens and people sometimes look at me thinking I’m smiling or laughing at what they said or idk but I can tell when they change their voice

Sometimes it’s just a straight up malfunctioning of the brain. Like with me there are other times where something good happens to me and I frown instead of smiling. The brain just acts like a computer infected with a virus.

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The brain has no firewall

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Do you know what you’ve been diagnosed with?

Schizoaffective Disorder and OCD

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im suing my schizophrenia for defamation of character


How did the demons corrupt you? Did they corrupt you by saying things to you or did they just directly/magically change your personality? Also, in what sorts of ways did they corrupt you, if you don’t mind saying?

Complicated answers are required for those questions :confused: has to do with the mixing of energy. You know how if you have something hot like soup you put an ice cube in it? As the ice mixes with the soup it lowers its overall temperature. The mixing of energy is like that. If you take something of a neutral or slightly positive energy (me) and then mix it with a powerful negative energy (demon) you get an overall lowering of energy until the thing that was neutral or slightly positive is now more negative. That’s the technical process of “corruption” I’m referring to. The mixing of energy is basically the spiritual form of sex.

Aside from energy mixing there were other ways I was corrupted via brainwashing. But I really don’t feel like going into that in depth because it was deeply unpleasant and traumatizing and it’s not good for me to revisit that.

Anyhow now I am full of anger, hatred, bitterness and sadism.

I’m way nicer now than I was before I got schizophrenia. I got sick at age 19. Before that I didn’t really care about other people or give them much thought.

Appreciate the response. It’s interesting you mention mixing of energy because I also feel like my energy was lowered, although not by mixing with anything. What exactly do you mean by “energy” - can you elaborate? I’d like to know if our uses of “energy” refer to the same thing.

Also, I’m not entirely clear: do you see this stuff as a schizophrenic delusion/illness, or do you believe it really happened to you - i.e. spiritual/demonic forces were at work?

Sorry to hear you had to go through all that. :worried: