Worrying all the time!

is constant worrying a symptom of sz?..

anyone who feels the same?

I wouldn’t worry about it

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Do you suffer with Anxiety?
Constant worrying is a symptom of some sort of Anxiety disorder usually GAD.
I worry all of the time also.


what is your diagnose?

I worry that the government is watching me and that I have nano bots in my bloodstream so they can implant thoughts and cause me anxiety to train me to act how they want. One of my voices confirms this and tells me other ppl know the government is watching me. I am diagnosed SZ


I am diagnosed with Schizoaffective/Bipolar but I have a lot of Anxiety.
I am always worrying over the tiniest things.

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I only used to always be worrying when I used to smoke ganja and drink all the time I couldn’t shut my mind off until I fell asleep. Now that I’m clean and sober I very rarely worry unless I’m in public

I am worried all the time because of my paranoia/anxiety that I am going to be emotionally and/or physically tormented. It’s part of my ‘delusion’. So, yes, I am worried all the time.

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